Thursday, January 10, 2008


The post below was too long. I'm addled, and there hasn't even been any alcohol involved today. Yet. And to answer Ariel, a skirt was out of the question that day because I do not currently own an acceptable one, and if I did, then I'd have to make an emergency trip to get a pair of nylons, which I'd vowed not to wear again, if I can help it, because it's one of the biggest rip-offs perpetrated against female consumers.

Oh, but there are some great ideas on how to use the nylons that will never be worn again:

1. If you've lost a small item, cut off a leg portion, with the toe still intact, and attach it with a rubber band to the end of your vacuum attachment. Then start sucking, and see what sticks.

2. If you have a wet-dry shop vacuum, you can attach the foot of a stocking to the end of it and suck out the water in an aquarium without disturbing the rocks and stuff.

3. They are great for buffing shoes and removing nail polish (with nail polish remover).

4. You can fill them with mothballs and hang them in a closet.

5. Oh, yeah, when I was a kid and on the summer swim team, I swam in panty hose, sometimes. It was very good exercise.


Actually, all I wanted to do was be a copycat and point out was that if you go to google images and type, "Rabbit, rabbit, good luck!" you will see how impressive my mom's blog always is. Gee, I wonder why she hasn't written anything lately....

Maybe she's got all this self-control, posting only when she has something to talk about, unlike someone I'm very close to.

There are at least four things I should be doing right now...


Doug said...

Thanks for putting us ahead of four other things!

Regarding your apology, I tend to think the blogging compact should be I get to write too long a post and you can stop reading whenever you want to. I just think it's hard to trust other bloggers not to whine since that's what brought us together in the first place.

Tom & Icy said...

Good advice, but we have trouble with the beater bar. That long post yesterday was good. It's just that after reading something like that, then I see a comment by Doug and he makes me feel like I've missed something. He's like that, you know.

CresceNet said...

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TLP said...

Yo mama's got nothing to say, that's why.

3D and I went to a great place to eat today. Wanta try it next week?

ariel said...

Nylons are evil, I avoid them, too. They are good to break brand new washing machines, too, just make sure one leg is out when you close that inside metal roller, and the first centrifuging will kill the machine.

Icy, I have already realized God put Doug on this world to keep us on our toes. God doesn't like those try to make things simple...

actonbell said...

Hi, Doug, thanks for the encouragement:)

Tom, I know what you mean!

Hi, Crescenet!

Sure, Mom. I can always eat.

Ariel, I forgot to say that they are also flammable. And I'll never stay ahead of Doug:)