Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Have a mighty New Year!!

And be careful tonight! The cops are out there, just waiting for someone to start singing his ABC's when they pull him over. If a cop asks you to recite your alphabet, DO NOT SING. Of course, don't drink too much before driving, either. We'll be careful. Honest.

Just for the record...

...I did not order this snow. Nope, didn't ask for it, wasn't dreaming of it, but it started out as a white New Year's Eve. But, that's all right, it'll be gone soon, since it's way above freezing.

And where, oh where have the last couple weeks gone? I'd imagined "getting stuff done," which I admit was a nebulous, gaseous cloud of a concept, even in my more vivid delusions. The week of Christmas and then the one after got piddled away (that's awfully passive, isn't it? The fact is:) I piddled away the week of Christmas, and now I'm piddling away the one after it, too.

I did mail out a resume and cover letter, though. Took me a whole day to write them, in between playing games, eating, and staring at them. It was a huge step for me to actually print them out and put them in an envelope and put a stamp on it and get it out to the mail box. *phew* that's over.

This month is Serena LooPOOOO cutie-pie's anniversary with us, I've now been her main staff member for eight years. She is somewhere around 10 and a half or 11 years old.

Ah, that reminds me, this month I have to get Serena to the vet for her shots, and that will be work, too. I will pretend to clean out the closet, oh, la dee daa, let's see, let's throw this away, and that goes in this carton, and then I'll need to take out this cat carrier to dust it, tra la la, and put the other things back, dum de dum dum, and--why is the carrier standing up on its end, like that? Because, my dear, I need to get spider webs off the front grill, and also so when she comes around the corner... I'll stuff the cat in!! Works great. And this time, I probably will not be rushing home from work to do it. Oh, wait-- I should get her to the vet right away! I mean, I could be employed by the end of the month, right?

(wild optimism)


AP3 said...

Happy New Year! Happy Serena anniversary! pOOR kITTY. Have fun tonight!

Doug said...

Rabbit Rabbit and happy new year to you. To be honest, I envy your possibilities. Enjoy this.

I usually needed a week to get a stamp for my resume so you're doing good.

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. Happy New Year and all that rot.

Poor poopy pissy pussy.

Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit new year. Hope you clipped that cat's claws.

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit. Man, these cute rabbit pictures are getting harder to find.

Happy New Year!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Happy New Year! First comment of 2008.

If I leave the cat carrier open, some of the cats will wonder into it. Sake does this. You can not put her in it, at least you can not put her in it without a great deal of effort - but she will put herself in it.

I have had to take the cat carriers apart at the vets office to get the cats out before.

And then one time I arrive with three carriers and four cats. The two boys had to share a cage. They were all removed, and when the vet was done each one ran to the nearest cage to hide. So I walked out with 4 cats in one carrier, and then two empty carrier.

ariel said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Happy New Year, Happy Lazy January!

Lazy Months are not for everyone. They are art! Some people just mess them up with too much work.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Rabbit! Happy 2008

dddragon said...

rabbit rabbit

Doug said...

Happy New Year, Actonbell and Ekim! Rabbitses!

Logophile said...

rabbit rabbit and a very happy new year to you!
Resumes and coverletters, one a day seems quite a brisk pace if you ask me. I love your wild and abandoned optimism, its heady I tell you, heady!

Nessa said...

Rabbit rabbit and a very Happy New Year.

Minka said...

Happy new year and good luck to your cat. Her age gives me hope :)

Being unemployed for a little while is teh breezer one needs to find what one is lookign for. It might be a game you haven't played yet :)

G said...

Rabbit rabbit and Happy New Year! Congrats on being such a lenghty staff member of Serena's.

Wow, all that talk of typing, printing, mailing has me tired. Gah - I've piddled away a week! Back to work tomorrow - wahhh.

Cheesemeister said...

My late cat P.E. hated to go to the vet so much that he would literally bust out of the carrier. In his heyday before he got sick he was a very LARGE cat and would arch his back and pop the bolts on the carrier! I'd never seen anything like it.
Have a great new year. That is quite a mighty rabbit rabbit.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Oh my dear, Forget your Fear,
Let all your Dreams be Clear,
Never put Tear, Please Hear,
I want to tell one thing in yr ear,