Monday, January 14, 2008

Me and My Arrow...

Back in the good old days, gas stations paid people called gas attendants to pump gas for customers. I really miss that. Now, the Exxon station that's most convenient to me is manned by a sweet man who really wants me to pay at the pump, so I do. No problem, no big deal. In fact, I've noticed another age-dividing line, when it comes to ATM cards: young people pay for everything with them, whether it's a drink at a bar or a computer at Circuit City. Seldom do these young folks actually count out money. I noticed this on New Year's Eve, as Mike was paying the bartender for a our beers, that we were the only ones who were not using plastic. Using bank cards at a bar actually slows things down a bit. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, on New Year's Eve.

Anyway, I got my car filled up so that I could tootle all the way to the end of town, or maybe even into the next town (they all run together) to visit a library I haven't seen in ages to check out a particular book that I've been hankering for. Since I've just finished a difficult, serious, not-at-all-funny novel, and I temporarily have the free time, this is my prerogative.

On my way back, I passed two reminders of where I'll be interviewing later on today, and pondered my recent good luck. Me, the quietest person at the table, The Most Likely To Be the Wallflower at Any Given Party, ME, I actually had the unbelievable serendipity to have, as a personal reference, someone who knew someone. A coincidence, yes--even my reference was surprised that the woman she knew was actually the very woman who will be interviewing me. Of course, now I'm hoping that neither one of them will feel too strange about it, if it turns out that someone else should have this job. But that's not in my control, of course. I am still stunned.

Actually, they are generally hiring people who are at least a decade younger than I am. And to borrow a line from a funny man my family once knew, I have socks that are older than the young woman who conducted my initial interview. (That reminds me, I have succeeded in doing some purging.)

Temporarily having a more flexible schedule also means that it was my prerogative to stay up a wee bit late and watch the Jane Austen special on Masterpiece Theater last night. Actually, I think I would've stayed up for it, in any case. Last night's episode was Persuasion, and I enjoyed it immensely. Did you see it?

And speaking of both young people AND my favorite entertainment, did you see this?

NEW YORK -Clay Aiken, who joins the cast of Monty Python's Spamalot this week, says its humor was initially lost on him. "The first time I saw it I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life," the American Idol runner-up told Newsweek. "My tour drummer is the 'Spamalot' drummer, and (he) said you've got to see it again." Aiken plays one of the leads, Sir Robin, in the Tony Award-winning musical in a stint from Friday through May 4. He told the magazine he was so sore from rehearsals he "couldn't even get off the toilet the other day."
"It hurts so bad. I don't know if it's I'm not coordinated or using muscles I never had to use before," he said. The show is based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail which came out in 1975, a little before the 29-year-old singer's time. "I thought Monty Python was a person until three months ago," Aiken told Newsweek for editions on newsstands on Monday.

I'm sorry to hear that Clay is too sore to get off the toilet, but it causes me pain to hear that a 29-year-old didn't know about Monty Python, and that that same 29-year-old gets to work with Eric Idle. It's not luck, though--Clay Aiken does have a great voice, even if I don't quite get him.

Okay, time to point myself onward.


Doug said...

In '83-'84, I was a gas station attendant. I still clean a pretty windshield, but can no longer start the pump, check the oil, clean the windshield and turn off the pump right at $20.

Good luck at your interview. Shy people get good references, I think, because nobody suspects them of using blackmail.

TLP said...

Break a leg!

I'm so curious about who your reference is! I'll have to call you I guess.

I understood that there would be no math or complaining about being old. Not before age 80 anyway. (Let the really young people chew on that one.)

Tom & Icy said...

Good luck, but that interview is probably over by now. Still, hope it turned out good. I grew up with Monty Python as part of my diet. I guess that big foot coming down on you would make your muscles sore.

Nessa said...

Hope your interview went well.

I was a pump jockey once, too.

I love Monty Python; don't like Clay Aiken.

Doug said...

You know, no pressure, but I bet we'd all like a report. No pressure, though. Just wondering how the interview went. It's ok.

ariel said...

Yeah, yeah, how it went?

The guys used to make excellent women, and the prettiest one was Eric Idle, no doubt. Made my head spin.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Clay Aiken is a real person? I thought Simon made him up.

Jocelyn said...

I DID see PERSUASION and laughed aloud when Anne finished out the film with an epic race around the street, running into every important person and working out all of life's problems in one busy block.

All the best in the job interviewing. All you really can control is showing up and presenting your best self. After that, who knows what they're really looking for, right?

Jamie Dawn said...

My kids are big fans of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They have parts of it memorized and toss in a line now and then at appropriate and inapproriate moments.
Clay Aiken does have a wonderful voice.
I recorded Persuasion, and I enjoyed watching it.
I plan to see the others also.
Good luck with all your interviewing. I hope you get a job that works out perfectly for you!!

Sean P. Farley said...

Wow, I'm 32, and even I know what Monty Python is. And 'Spamalot.' Poor Clay....also a word on ATM/Credit cards: I work in a deli (customer service sucks), and I've worked there for years. Cash and cards are now about 50/50. Cards hold up the line, big time. Those stupid Visa check-card commercials make me insane. You know the ones: a line of people is moving smoothly to the tune of a jaunty song, then someone whips out a checkbook or cash and suddenly the line is held up? NO! It's the other way around! CARDS hold the line up, dammit!

Bone said...

I miss the gas station attendants. They'd always wash your windshield, too.

There's only one station around here that still pumps your gas, that I know of.

Good luck with the interview and job hunting.