Sunday, December 09, 2007

TV crisis?

As we've all heard and read, there's a writer's strike plaguing Broadway and Hollywood these days, and the present forecast is for more reality shows this fall. Reality shows?? Reality shows suck. Why would anyone sit in front of the tube, watching pointless thoughtless vapid stuff when there's no such strike on the internet? For anyone in search of good entertainment, there are plenty of excellent writers right here in the blogosphere.

You can read Nessa's NaNoWriMo Novel, 2007, which has me hooked! My bookmark is presently on Chapter 11. I'm impressed by the way Nessa churned this captivating tale out so quickly, and had to meet a specific word count requirement. And there's Pia Savage's Colliding Worlds to ponder, and of course Doug Pascover's Saturday installments on his epic tale, Shahrazade's Wedding, which starts here.

Don't want to read that much? Just browse the blogs! There's plenty of reality going on, and it's much more real and entertaining than that tripe they put on TV.

Don't want to read at all? Then check out some talented artists and photographers. There's Ariel, Tom & Icy, and Bent Objects, and so much more.

Honesty, when there's so much web-surfing to be done, who needs reality TV?

The writer's strike did not happen early enough to prevent the movie adaptation of Beowulf. My copy is the bilingual edition, with the original Anglo Saxon language on the left hand page and Seamus Heaney's translation on the right. It must be very rewarding and interesting to be able to translate Old English. I actually bought a book on the language a few years back and attempted to learn something, but it is very difficult and I eventually put it aside. It's very interesting, though.

Read in modern English, it's a quaint tale of Beowulf's exploits. First, he kills the evil and murderous monster Grendal. This is followed by much rejoicing, gift-giving, and brotherly-love-speeches. Then, Beowulf conquers Grendal's mother. This is also followed by much rejoicing, gift-giving, and brotherly-love-speeches. These two creatures, Grendal and his mother, were wrecking havoc on human lives and had to be dealt with. Later, however, in Beowulf's old age, he decides to fight a dragon who may be minding a huge and ancient treasure, but is also minding its own business. Of course, anyone who bothers this lone dragon will die, as Beowulf does, in the process of killing this huge serpent.

So, in the end, there's a dead dragon, a dead hero, and a bunch of people lamenting Beowulf's death, especially since his might kept the peace. The future will be fraught with wars because of Beowulf's absence. And that's what comes of senseless fighting. See that daisy on the cover? My book jacket doesn't have it. It's a nice touch.

I will be interested in seeing the movie adaptation, because I'm very perplexed by the sexy Angelina Jolie version of Grendal's mother. Inquiring minds want to know what this is about...


Our weekend movie was pulled from out own shelves, instead of renting. We watched It's a Wonderful Life, which is well worth seeing every year. I still love it.


pia said...

Doug's epic tale is the winner to me. I was just thinking today of the episode the Pez sisters narrated, and how someday in the distant future I might get the nerve

Love the book shelves. They're so filled yet uncluttered looking

Ariel the Thief said...

You are so right. We computer addicted people cannot make use of television. We'd sell our television for a bigger HD.

"no strike on the Internet" cracked me up. So did "The writer's strike did not happen early enough to prevent the movie adaptation of Beowulf.". I've always wanted to read that poem but oh man.

Your summarizing's just too funny. I'd now love to hear what Iliad is about from YOU.

TLP said...

Great post. I love everything you write, and I've been tryin' to get to you write ever since you used to come home with stories about Preston. That's the name, right? The LARGE guy at the base?

AP3 said...

Reality TV is suck.

I love It's a Wonderful Life too, know it practically word-for-word. It's like a sing-along when I watch it now.

Doug said...

First off, blush blush. Now, you are absolutely right. Why watch vapid reality tv shows when there's CNN? Why watch CNN when you get the same level of insight and analysis on blogs?

There's a lot to read on blogs and in, whatchamacallit, books. I'm pretty content with my entertainment choices, although I cry an occasional tear that Numb3rs is off.