Tuesday, December 11, 2007


busman's holiday (BUS-manz HOL-i-day) noun

A holiday spent doing things as at work.

[Imagine a bus driver having a day off, 'enjoying' a bus ride and you'll
have a pretty good idea of this term. Going on a long drive might be
a great vacation for many of us, but not for a bus driver. Of course,
when the phrase came up some 200 years ago, bus drivers had charge of
horse-drawn buses. The term is sometimes seen as 'businessman's holiday'.]

Good news: This will never happen to me. With three bloody days left, this is what they are having me do! I guess Supervisor wants to make sure that I don't forget how to drive a turrett. I don't know how to spell that. And I'd almost thrown out my harness, too.


**That machine above is a swivel-arm forklift that is used to retrieve things from very narrow aisles.


TLP said...

Whee! You're almost free!

You could steal that thingie and drive to...not very far.

Bone said...

Ooo, I like that term. Plans currently underway to work it into my vernacular.

Doug said...

Warehouse technology has come a long way since my day. That's for putting the pallet on the truck without leaving the dock? Fancy.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think it would be sort of cool to drive that thing.

Three more days, then you are off till the last day, when you show up to collect the severance check, then go on unemployment, then look for another job. Nice.

Nessa said...

Can't they just let you read blogs for the last couple of days?

Doug said...

Ha. Thanks for the update. Cool gizmo.

ariel said...

That picture reminded me, you should see how much fun it can be at work. My young brother and me were laughing our asses out.