Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My boring 3WW


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Lately, so much of my days are boring, and boredom makes me feel guilty. I once had an anthropology teacher who said that if you're bored, you're probably boring. Well, in my defense, it's not my fault. I mean, I haven't been given a choice, lately, and I'm doing the best that I can. I must go to work and try to look busy when there is nothing to do. It's awful. I swept the floor for about three hours today. Tomorrow, I will be separating "our" pallets from the other company's pallets and driving the enemy's pallets away. This will be very tedious, and I will not be able to do anything else while doing it, i.e., listen to NPR on my Coby-buddy, since I will be driving. (Ugh, I thought I'd gotten out of this driving back and forth stuff.)

Soon, however, I will be absent from work for a long time. I only have five more full days of work, period, full stop, that's all folks! Five full days, then I'm off until January 4th (That's the end), and that will be just a half a day. There is no way to persuade anyone to feel sorry for me, now.

One thing that I haven't told anyone at work is that my husband and I are going on a cruise the week of December 17. No one wants to hear that kind of news before being faced with a month of pointless activity in a freezing warehouse. I may feel as if my brain is peeling now, but I am not faced with as much of this as most of my coworkers.

For these next five excruciating days, maybe I'll keep a little notebook in my pocket and list all the things I'm looking forward to doing as soon as I have a little free time. And maybe I could also think of some ways to cope with boredom. After all, I've had my share of it, in my lifetime.

The first time I can remember being exquisitely bored was after joining The Army Reserve. Over a period of six years, I experienced horrible boredom during almost every meeting, plus two weeks of it, every summer. Sure, basic training is never-a-dull-moment, but unfortunately, there were so many miserable moments that I actually started getting nostalgic for the boredom I'd had during in-processing, or waiting in line for all those shots, or sitting around in the airport on the way there. My reserve meetings were so boring that I would leave feeling absolutely drained, as if I'd actually worked hard. This is body-sapping boredom. What a disappointment, after hearing all those be all that you can be ads. Right.

My first full-time job was a clerk-typist gig, and sometimes I'd be sent to fill in for this or that secretary, and all I'd have to do is answer the phone, which didn't ring. All day. For a whole week. It was nice to get some reading done, but that was forty hours of it.

However, boredom-training is good if you're interested in running long distance. Actually, if you're into running long distance, you will naturally get better at being all by yourself for long periods of time with no one except yourself and your ticking brain for company and nothing to do but chew up the road ahead of you. Maybe I should get back into that. I was never bored.

Come to think of it, my favorite part of a cruise is when we're out in the middle of the ocean on a sunny day and there's nothing to do. Doing nothing isn't boring. "Boring" is a frame of mind.

I hate to admit it, but maybe my anthropology teacher was right.

Do you see me? I'm behind the fourth one from the right.


pia said...

You're never boring

It must drive you crazy to focus on separating the pallets

You shine in the picture. Fourth from right, right?

TC said...

I once had an anthropology teacher who said that if you're bored, you're probably boring.

That's probably true? I've felt that way about myself!!!! :)

Sounds like a fun trip coming up! And congrats on finishing school!!!!!

paisley said...

the very best thing to do on a cruise is nothing... i love it... "room service" for free and nothing to do... aaaahhhhhh

tumblewords said...

boredom training - that's a memorable phrase. Pallet moving's gotta be boring no matter how exciting the mover is...however, your writing is not boring by any stretch.

tsduff said...

Oh my goodness... "If you are bored you must be boring"??? That is horrible. It can't be true... say it isn't so wizard.... I'm bored at work every single day. Hmmm, not a good sign...

As for the cruise..., well do me one favor will you? I've always wondered if the food on a cruise is all it's cracked up to be... especially those shrimp they hang all around the edge of a giant bowl filled with cocktail sauce... could you snag one or two of those for me?

Anonymous said...

You know I think may be your teacher was right. I guess whenever i have felt bored it was because I was boring. I guess just a mindset!

You are behind the fourth one? Aah and I thought you were in the front row, leading the pack!

TLP said...

You're never, never, ever boring! You're one of the most interesting people I've ever met.

And I always love your 3 word Wednesdays!

I spotted you right away. You have that certain look.

Doug said...

I could tell you in a minute. The clone in running shoes.

I think there are five stages of boredom:
Unfocused optimism
Mopey disenchantment
Diffuse outrage
Languid resentment

I have studied this in Sacramento. I think I might even be part of an experiment.

Pavel said...

lol... Well, I don't personally know you, but I know a little about your personality through your blog and you don't seem boring at all. We all go through bored spells, that is, until we figure out what else to do with ourselves.

G said...

Of course I see you - I'm right behind you!

Well if you're bored than you're boring? If you're happy than you're giving happiness. If you feel loved, you're loving. If you....You know we have to be some something at any given moment.

I'm never bored when I visit you.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You think you are bored! I look forward to posting about boat fenders! Now that is boring.

Your cruise will not be boring.

Titanic Brewery is also not boring.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I didn't need the instruction. I spotted you right off.

Cheesemeister said...

I AM boring. But that isn't why boredom makes me feel guilty. So does relaxation and sleeping. Literally.

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Bone said...

I agree. You're never boring to me :)

Though having nothing to do does have its appeal to me, as well. And I never thought about the connection between running and spending time alone, but maybe that's one reason I so enjoy my alone time.

Truefaith1963 said...

That was excellent! Not boring at all. My Anthropology teacher was very good, however I had a Philosophy teacher who told me that I was reasuringly naive.

ariel said...

Your anthropology teacher was wrong. I'm not surprised, though, that an American feels guilty when is bored. :-P

The cruise sounds wonderful. All that water. Nothing to do. Maybe Russell Crowe in the other boat?

Michelle Johnson said...

I once had an anthropology teacher who said that if you're bored, you're probably boring.

I have a hard time believing this statement for myself but, I guess it could apply sometimes. I like to think I am bored because I have exhausted all other options.

I am excited to hear you are going on a cruise in a few days. Take lots of pictures. Most of all, have fun!

Have a nice day.