Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is supposed to be a stressful time, but somehow, it isn't. I'm attending informational meetings all this week about seeking new employment, applying for unemployment compensation, and generally surviving a layoff. Despite the fact that I do not know what's next for me, I'm just not feeling stressed out. I have some general ideas about where I belong, and have a general idea of what I will need to do. It's not convenient for us for me to be laid off, and the faster I find my new hangout the better, yet the lag time won't be a huge catastrophe. A year from now, I predict, all will be settled, and I will be in a better place.

Actually, I'm looking forward to getting out of the asylum. I'm looking forward to most of December, because I'm off thirteen days that month. My last day will be January 4th, and I believe that I am entitled to at least one of these three remaining days off; we are actually being advised to use the one sick day the new company is awarding us on the first of the year because we cannot cash it out, and then we are also eligible for an optional holiday. Woohoo. We do have to be there on the 4th to get severance. This time will fly. Starting next week, we will be down to a skeleton crew.

This squirrel's identity is being hidden so that he can be interviewed about his life as a cross-species dresser, but he's not cooperating at all. Some other squirrels were twittering behind his back and calling him bulimic, but he insists that this is just a nasty rumor; someone caught him regurgitating a meal, but thank goodness didn't notice that he was also wearing feathers.

He's lost the courage to speak out about his condition, but I hope he either finds a way to cope with it, or finds a better place.

What was that about? I hate it when strange stuff interrupts what I'm thinking about.

I was just thinking, before that senseless interruption, that it's been a long time since I purchased some new holiday music. I was just checking out Silver, Wood, and Ivory and really liking it...Thanksgiving's next week, so I'm allowed to be thinking of this.


ariel said...

"didn't notice that he was also wearing feathers" LOL!

You have a great new countdown. :-)

TLP said...

Buggers! Blogger is f***ing with me this morning!

I left a good comment, but it blew off. Maybe blogger didn't think it was so good.

Anyhoo....great Wednesday word play! Loved it.

You've been in the asylum way too long. Time to bust outta the joint. All you need to do is be employed in the new job long enought to earn a vacation. Not as much stress as it could be.

Minka said...

I like that attitude, life has a strange way of sorting itself out. It is nice to soemtimes just go with it, if that means be it :)

It is ok to check for holiday music...I am reviewing mine as well.

"Oh Tannenbaum....oh Tannenbaum...!"

Nessa said...

Feathers don't make the squirrel a bad person.

No Christmas thoughts until after you see Santa in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

AP3 said...

This post demonstrates vividly that you have been in the asylum way too long.

Love the squirrel bit!

Doug said...

"All flying insects that creep on all fours shall be an abomination to you" Leviticus 11:20.

tsduff said...

What's wrong with feathers?

Anonymous said...

Haha that is some mix of thoughts...
I think squirrels were adorable, might just have nightmares now envisioning them with all feathers stuck around!!