Saturday, November 03, 2007


I saw this allusion to David Foster Wallace, and just had to copy it. He does teach his readers new words, though they are seldom-used ones.

"Your Uncle Charles had his blood cholesterol tested late last week.
Though the verdict rendered was no worse than a rather unperspicuous
'Normal to Upper-normal', the penultimate modifier has caused, as you
might anticipate, much pacing and high-decibel whingeing, as well as
vows of eternal xerophagy from here on out."
David Foster Wallace; Infinite Jest: A Novel; Little, Brown and Company;

xerophagy (zi-ROF-uh-jee) noun

The eating of dry food, especially food that's cooked without oil.

In the early Christian Church, xerophagy meant eating food
cooked in water and salt during Lent. Xerophagy has also been practiced
in prison and in the military as a form of punishment.]


Ariel the Thief said...

And I thought it was something about typewriters.

Doug said...

Oh, boy! An x-word!

At first I thought I read xenophagy which is also known as The Key West Diet.

actonbell said...

You're both funny today:)

Minka said...

that was the first word in taht paragraph that stumbled you???

How many letters do you get in Scrable each time, 7 isn't it? too bad! :)

TLP said...

Uh...that's a bunch of new words...just sayin'.