Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Virtual Birthday Card for My Hubby

Happy birthday to Mike! Thank you for keeping the house so tidy, arranging all the books alphabetically, changing the oil in my car, reminding me of all the stuff I forget about, knowing what day of the week important dates fall on (very handy), mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, being an excellent Scrabble opponent, and not killing my cat, along with tons of other stuff.

For your virtual card, here are some of your favorite things:)

completely festive:

and completely funny:

And something completely unexpected:

Happy 45th!


TLP said...

What a wonderful birthday card! Love it all. And so will Mikie.

45????? Can't be!

ariel said...

Happy Birthday, Mike! Your third favourite thing doesn't download to me but I enjoyed the first two. Another 45 years to you in health and luck, good weather to run, many books to arrange!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and having a Friday laugh.:)

ariel said...

Downloaded finally! Didn't understand much but there was something I found so true: most of the places are worth seeing are better and more real without you.

Doug said...

Well, happy birthday to Mike! I don't know about the gentleman but I wasn't expecting the third video. Have a great year, Mike, and enjoy the cruise.

Jocelyn said...

So are you trying to tell us you've bought him a lobster?

"Chunkette" is a great word.

AP3 said...

Great videos!