Tuesday, November 13, 2007

time to get serious

That's right: it's time to stop partying and eating birthday cake, people, and think about what in the name of Sam Hill we're doing, here. Lots of people are blatantly getting older, all around us, and by blatant I mean having birthdays. As many of my alert friends have pointed out, we are all getting older every second of the day.

The serious question, though, is what are we doing about it? This is a personal and complex question. Some people will think mostly about what they are doing with their lives, while others are obsessed with fighting the signs of life. Aging life, that is. Some people are trying to accumulate war metals, while others are trying to erase them. It's a mixed up world, but one thing is clear: time is running out to get that Ph.D, write that novel, or invent the perfect widget. The world's most amazing geniuses did all their best work in their twenties, and here we are, getting farther and farther away from our youth, and thus less youthful, every day.

So, now that we've had all this birthday fun and ballyhoo, it's time to come back to earth. I leave you with something grave indeed to ponder:

Have a meaningful and productive Tuesday: if your newest coworkers are younger than some of your clothes, then it's time to clean out that sock drawer. Good luck! It's tough, making these difficult and often emotional decisions.


TLP said...

The question isn't what would you do if you had your life to live over? The question is what would you do if you had the rest of your life to live over? 'Cause you do. Have the rest of your life to live over.

That "song" made me decide to go back to bed. But I got stuff to do, so maybe not.

Doug said...

Well, that was just plain fun!

I find meaning in preparing a tender and plentiful banquet for an impoverished family of worms.

Bone said...

Wow. That was somber. I think I want to go back home, crawl in bed, and pull the covers over my head.

I did enjoy the song though. It's catchy. Sticks in your head.

ariel said...

I'd like to live in a world where it' i ok to get old. I'd also like the cheapest funeral, no reason to have your money buried with me!

The Lazy Iguana said...

That is the strangest band ever.

And now they are even older.

Minka said...

Oh my...soemone once said that "We are dying from the moment we are born!"
Just to add a bit to teh gloominess.
Personally I have to say, that I still enjoy getting older. Every years seems to bring a bit more clarity, my teenage years where a chaos of struggling confusions...30 is nice! It was hard discovering though, that the world doesn't really give a tiny rat's ass about you.

Anonymous said...

Life isn't about finding yourself but about creating yourself!! Age is just a number, its the spirit that really matters.
Although in the end its easy said than done..