Saturday, November 03, 2007


This is a book stuffed between a pipe and the ceiling of our basement. It's been there since before we moved in, and I wouldn't dare remove it. I'm not dying to read Star Wars, anyway.

And it seems that I have every right to meander through that Saul Bellow book, because it appears that no one else over at The Book Forum is reading it. It's a British site, and so many of them got all caught up in reading the Booker Prize long list. Not just the first finisher, but the entire list. There are individuals over there who read like Mike runs; very few people can keep up. It's a good place for recommendations.

I may meander, but I need to renew, first. Tomorrow. I should probably ask for a PIN, too, just in case I need to push my time to the limit. It'll be a tad embarrassing to renew a second time, in person. Silly, yes. It's a very interesting read, really, but it's not a fast one. More about it later.

Say, has anyone else had trouble with Blogger's picture upload? I've been getting error messages so many times lately that I uploaded the above masterpiece on Flickr.


Ariel the Thief said...

It reminds me of what someone said in that movie Allen movie: "I took a speed reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia."

I used to live the Star Wars trilogy. I was in love with Luke Skywalker, my best friend was in love with Han Solo.

actonbell said...

I preferred Hans Solo, myself. He's my mother's age, but this did not occur to me when I was a teenager. I have no interest in reading it, though.

Doug said...

Hahaha, Ariel. There was a Tom Conti I saw in High School in which he plays a writer. Someone says "I took a speed reading class and can read War and Peace in the time it takes to read a do-it-yourself manual," and the writer main-character says "I want to take a class so I can read a do-it-yourself manual like it were War and Peace."

Actonbell, when I was a kid we moved into a house where an encyclopedia was left in the basement. I did read that, but I understand. Reading Star Wars is kind of like watching "All The Pretty Horses."

Minka said...

I never read Star Wars the original three movies though. I liked Yoda, his speech amused me and made me chuckle even though he spoke German at the time I saw it first :)

Don't extract that book! A disturbance in the force, I feel!