Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late fall

Our unusually warm October has resulted in a tardy leaf-dropping season. These photos were taken in and around Hershey on Thanksgiving Day, as we made our way to Mike's parent's house.

(you can see the Hershey's Kiss street lamps, above)

Oh, but we missed the Elm Parade. They are pretty, even when they're bare naked ladies:)

These past few days have been furiously busy for lots of folks. I did not have Friday off work, as we who work in The Crappy Jewelry section had to finish fulfilling orders for the very last time, before the final pack-up. However, one of my coworkers actually got up and joined the 4am crowd at a local retailer before work. She deserves some kind of award. There are also people at work who are putting in extra hours in Toyland, which is not overtime, since that company is no longer associated with ours. In fact, those who are putting in those evenings and Saturdays in Toyland are making less than they do during the regular work day. They deserve an award, too. The situation's just wrong, actually--they should be paid for their experience, since it is they who are helping to train the temps! Maybe somebody should get The Grinch Award.


We've just finished our Christmas shopping.

I can't take much credit for this, Mike did more than half the work on Friday.

And one of my fellow out-of-a-job-on-January 4th employees pointed out a sunny side to work life, starting this past week: more parking spaces. OH BOY!!


ariel said...

Yeah, that's one lovely thing in working when everybody else is on holiday, the whole city seems almost empty.

Beautiful trees, dressed and naked!

tsduff said...

BNL LOL! Love the color on the trees... I was just wondering why the eastern states have more color than California... I think it is just the variety of trees, because we out here in Cali also have heavy frosts. I will be visiting Washington DC this February - guess all the color will be gone by then huh?

G said...

The color has been just amazing! Love you photos - the barenaked ladies are lovely.

Thanks for your visits and kind words of support. They've meant so much.

Hope your Monday is a gentle one.

TLP said...

Yes, we've had a most excellent fall for color.

Love the parking picture.

Jamie Dawn said...

Lots of leaves are still hanging on here too.
They'll be all gone soon though.
Stark naked trees.

Those Hershey's Kiss streetlights are so cute.

Is that YOUR parking spot??

Enjoy what's left of the fall colors.

Doug said...

Ah, yes, the Hershey's Kiss streetlights. Ah, right, my old parking space. What happened to the pyramid of broken legs?

Bone said...

Those Hershey's Kiss street lamps are cool. I think I would like a Hershey's Kiss pinata, filled with Reese's Cups. How's that for irony.