Monday, November 12, 2007

Doug is 40 today!

It's true, I tell you, that today is Doug's 40th birthday, so we'll just have to find him...

Oh! There he is, I see him over there...

Doug is perfervid about Ambrose Bierce, and his Devil's Dictionary. He also spins wondrous tales on Saturdays and composes thoughtful poems every Wednesday.

perfervid (puhr-FUHR-vid) adj., extremely or excessively passionate.
(what did you think it meant?)

It seems appropriate at this time to remember what the late Kurt Vonnegut (who has just missed his birthday for the first time) said:

I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.

Good advice: make your visit to Doug's part of your farting-around routine. Go fetch his word and play with it:)

Happy birthday, Doug!


Doug said...

Thank you, Actonbell. That was a perfect post and the picture at the top represents me perfectly. Brer Vonnegut's advice is perfect for the golden years, isn't it?

I thought i was perforated with Bierce.

AP3 said...

Happy Birthday to Old Man Doug!

And belated Happy Birthday to Ekim!!!

TLP said...

Good pix.

Happy birthday Dougie boy.

ariel said...

Actonbell, my hero, you know how to tease a man! I just love the first picture.

Happy Birthday!

neva said...

Lovely tribute, dear Actonbell! great word, too! (thinkin' i'll have to figure out how to use thatin a sentence sometime in the future.)

not that it matters, but before i was "gently" reminded by your mom as to the Importance of today's date, i did a post about... cats (sort of). hopefully you'll find time to see it -- i think you, of all people, will be able to relate!

again, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 40th, DOUG! and, while i'm at it, a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Belated Birthday to your Honey, too!! : ) xox

tsduff said...

Actonbell - what a perfectly great post - love both of those pictures. I lived next door to a great dane who did exactly that :) Uh - perfervid? Sounds mixed up... are you sure? Nice summation.

Happy Birthday to the old beagle.

Minka said...

Scrabble does broden our horizons, huh?

Should we all chip in and send Doug a game?! His dictionary must be running out of words, soon!

Happy birthday, big guy!

(p.s...I thought it meant something else!)