Saturday, November 03, 2007

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News from work: My last day will be January 4, 2008. Of course, the 1st is a holiday, and under the new company's rules, I am immediately eligible for a sick day, which management is encouraging everyone to take. There might be an optional holiday, too--we'll see. I do have to be there the last day to collect my severance, evidently. So, I am officially a short-timer! We are taking a cruise the week before Christmas, AND I must use six more days, because this new company (which will be my employer for four days) will not allow me to carry over those days. Ok! I do not mind this at all. I will not have to work very much in December. The Crappy Jewelry Company (for whom I work) will be out of this facility by the end of November, and then we will be looking for work, anyway.

Good riddance. And no, I do not know what I'm doing, yet. I will have 17 weeks' severance plus one week's vacation to cash out, so that will provide some income whilst I job hunt. Staying out of warehouses will be a major goal.

We didn't have many trick-or-treat visitors, but Halloween's still a big thing with adults, even if the Red Hot Strawberry Ball was discontinued this year. This is how the Halloween costume ads went this year:

Cat news: so far, so good: I don't know if it's necessarily the result of the Feliway spray, but Serena has not peed on the carpet since I've started spraying. However, the real sign of success is to see her rubbing her face in the carpet, since I am spraying it with cat facial pheromones. This may take awhile.


TLP said...

OMG! That is a fun video!!!!

You're going to be so happy outta that place.

ariel said...

It's good that the time of guess is over and now you know what to expect when.

Poor cat, is she love in the carpet now?

Doug said...

That is a fun video. For some reason "frog" was what cracked me up along with "Across from Bennigans."

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming change. I think you should apply as a diarist.

AP3 said...

Congrats, short-timer! I hope the kitty thing keeps workin'.

Great video! I also loved the nice "Across from Bennigans" touch (genius!)... is it wrong if I kinda liked the sexy lobster?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Wow. You have to use 6 sick days huh? Well you could use two of them before the cruise, and 4 after. That will be nice. Or you could use them all for the days after(or right before) Christmas and before the New Year. That would also be cool.

And do not forget about unemployment! File for that. You paid for it anyway. Might as well get some of that stuff while job hunting.

The video was great.

ariel said...

Finally the video downloaded to me. "aaand frog", LOL!

G said...

Hahahaha, had to be in Hackensack. Good for you on being a short timer. Enjoy those vacation days!

Bone said...

LOL Sexy Abe Lincoln? No. Please. I'm just afraid that would confuse me on some subconscious level :)

The factory where I used to work announced today it would be closing for good January 6th. I thought of you.

tsduff said...

Your post is bringing back memories of a similar experience I had regarding your job and pending job search. Hope it all turns out just fine - wish I could go on vacation too. I've been wishing that every day now for months. (since my last vacation LOL) I think it is just my mantra now.

Does the spray smell like anything? (I'm sure anything is better than cat pee) LOL.