Sunday, November 11, 2007

another hunting and gathering session

(i.e., farting around) has netted this:

There are stones you could cast
At the biblioclast:
"He's a threat to the life of our nation!"
"He's afraid of new thought!"
"He's been media-taught!"
"What a statement about education!"
But though judgment's been passed
On the biblioclast,
For my own part, I think he's just fine--
Just as long as that ass
Shows a smidgen of class,
And wrecks everyone's books except mine.

--Dave Dickerson, read his blog: Bourbon Cowboy.
biblioclast (BIB-lee-uh-klast) noun

A person who mutilates or destroys books.


Minka said...

As a kid I seriously thought that when I hear about book burnings and stuff, that it was doen by illiterate beggars on teh street trying to keep warm. It did not occur to me, that a book could ever offend to such an extend.

biblioclast, added to my vocabulary
*ponders how she can insert that into the next coffe table gathering*

Doug said...

I'm with you, Minka. I'm dying to use the word if I can just come up with an excuse.

This actually reminds me of a story. Back in, say, 91 I was working at a seed corn warehouse in Lone Tree, Iowa and had just finished reading Ivanhoe. A friend of mine's father was a professor of literature at the University of Iowa and I was invited to dinner at their home. There were maybe fifteen people there and they all may as well have been speaking Swahili and I'd have followed the conversation as well.

Out came a home-baked loaf of bread, gray in color and powdered with flour. I had not yet spoken so when the loaf got to me I pronounced it "sepulchral."

actonbell said...

hehehehehehehe. Sepulchral! I can definitely use this at work before I leave, big words really piss these people off.

Doug said...

It is the season of the sepulcher at the asylum, isn't it?