Monday, October 22, 2007

with music

Um, still here. On pins and needles, performing pointless activities, of which there aren't enough for everyone who needs pointless activity. We've made all the boxes we have room to store, we can't pack up much else for that move that's going to occur we-don't-know-when, and I'm just thanking my lucky stars for my Coby-buddy, that cute little MP3 player that's saving me from country music and insane commercials. I think that comic strip Dilbert is right; HR is evil. They're watching us twist in the wind without a clue.

Pointless activities
1. take out watch stoppers, push in crown, watch second hand move, replace stopper, put back into box.
2. Yuk. Cut off that thumb nail, now.
3. Open ring boxes, size rings, count. Repeat 3million times.
4. Put this stuff on the shelves so that you can take it off the shelves tomorrow.
5. Put music boxes, which are in boxes, into bigger boxes. (I have no idea.)
6. "Pack up stuff that's in floor locations."
7. Interpret the above instruction anyway you want, because work leader refuses to even watch what's going on.
8. Refurbish old music boxes that everyone knows will be trashed by the next company owner, anyway.
9. Worse, replace the batteries in the obnoxious-sounding bird "music" boxes that the next owner will probably refuse to deal with at all.
10. Come back from ALL breaks on time!!

Counting flowers on the wall,
That don't bother me at all.
Playing Solitaire till dawn,
With a deck of fifty-one.
Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.

...oh, I got lots to do! As soon as I get home, that is. Lemme out, tell me when, and I will be even busier, what with all those job fairs going on around here. Honestly, it's blind man's bluff, here.

[ More Heatherly Eric Lyrics ]


Bone said...

"Repeat 3 million times."

You crack me up.

Yes, even though we don't have anything for anyone to do, taking a break for longer than the allotted time will not be tolerated!

I always knew that song by the Statler Brothers :)

The Lazy Iguana said...

So what have you claimed "dibs" on so far? You can tell us. We will not snitch.

If you do not start claiming dibs on stuff now, you will be stuck with the junk nobody else wants.

ariel said...

MP3 players should be supported by social insurance. They can save lifes!

Minka said...

Unfortunately I can see myself in thsi all too well, you'd be amazed at the things I don't get done by doing unnecessary things meanwhile. I'd like to think of it as Minka disobedience to the world at large.
In my defense, I get the rest of the stuff done eventually!

TLP said...

You make it sound funny anyway. But it's all a sad waste of time.

I wish they'd close the place TODAY!!!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would call dibs on something cool. Not the office fridge - those things get really nasty. But it would make a good beer fridge.

tsduff said...

Are you anywhere near old enough to know those lyrics? HA HA HA HA thanks for that earworm! Hey, you are making the best of a frankly less-than-desirable situation - hang in there.

Nessa said...

It must mean something to some one...ok, maybe not.

Doug said...

Statlered and experimented on. Do you think you'll be let go in December or vivisected?