Saturday, October 27, 2007


Once upon a time I saw a picture of a pair of really cute shoes, and decided that I had to have them. I visited Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney's, The Shoe Department, The Bon-Ton, and every other store that looked promising. My feet were tired and ready for those ugly Hush Puppies by the time I got back. Finally, I ordered them on Ebay from a store that had exactly one pair of these left. The brand is Bongo, and this style is called look at me. I hope to have many lovely evenings in these shoes and live happily ever after, sometimes.

Alas, shoes do not solve every problem a girl has. Pictured below is the product I hope will solve a big problem and save my sanity. I am having humongous cat-urinating-where-she's-not-supposed-to problems. I have fallen into despair and don't know what to do, except lock the cat in with the litter box room while I'm at work, but that would seem cruel, since there's no window down there. The cat is already nutty enough without an infusion of cabin fever.

Once again, though, I had all kinds of trouble finding this product. Sure, I could buy it online, but that means paying shipping & handling, and I'd rather just go out and buy it. I started at PetsMart, and was shocked that they didn't carry it, then WalMart--I had to try Walmart, they're supposed to have everything, right? This was punishment. I'm way too lazy to be walking all through huge crowded WalMart, searching for one little bottle of stuff. And then trying to get out of that medieval, crowded parking lot. As a last resort, I tried The Crappy Pet Store, which is the closest store to my home. I'd walked all the way up to the door before I realized that they'd actually paved that parking lot I'd wailed and whined so much about, and then some young person actually came up to me and asked if I needed help and then checked me out right away! I almost fell over. Last time I was there I'd vowed never again, but emergency forced me to, and it was a happy ending. I hope. If this stuff works, I'll post a permanent advertisement for it. When I finally found it, I had sticker-shock,'s supposed to be the best thing out there, everyone seems to recommend it, and hopefully, I won't have to use it forever. If this product works, I will live happily ever after most of the time.

Cat Faeries (tm) catalog here, featuring Feliway

Late addition: this tickled my funny bone and it's not too loud.


ariel said...

"Feliway is the miraculous pheromone that sends your cat the message "I don't pee here anymore.""

Ok, so you think that if the cat knows that you won't pee there anymore, she won't pee there, either?

ariel said...

Have many lovely evening in the new shoes!

actonbell said...

Heh, ariel, some of the ads are funny. *sigh* I'm desperate.

AP3 said...

How GIRLIE of you with the shoes! Yeah, I love eBay for shoes. My most exciting shoe purchase was a pair of Dingo biker boots (my old pair wore out). Love 'em! Last pair in the store, happened to be my size, 1/2 price! If they weren't biker boots, it would've been girlie of me, too.

Good luck with the cat pee issue. I know the pain, having gone through it with Eixnihps Garfield Pez. :-(

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You may not want a cat like that. Unless you're a light sleeper.

Jocelyn said...

You wrote something about cat and pee; I see that.

But I can't even concentrate on it because








I can't breathe. You are the luckiest woman in the world.

Cat pee aside.

Nessa said...

The shoes are gorgeous.

I'm sorry about you peeing pet.

That cartoon is hysterical.

TLP said...

Ohhhhh.....big time shoe envy! Those are wonderful! You have the most marvelous shoe "collection" of anyone I know. Except for Vicki, but then, Vicki is pretty much insane.

Good luck with Serena and her thinking outside the box issues. I'd be ready to use that bat on her I'm afraid.

Jamie Dawn said...

CUTE shoes!!!!!

Your use of the word "medieval" to describe Walmart's parking lots is perfect.

I hope the cat's pee issues are resolved.
LOVE the You Tube video! I'm passing that along to my bestest friend, Tami. She will LOVE it!!!!

Doug said...

Seriously, let me know how that product works. Just in the last month one or more of my dogs has taken to editorializing indoors and suddenly, after 5 years there, my house smells like a pet owner's which I kind of can't stand.

That cartoon had me in stitches. Walela, who I suspect of an inner felinity has a very similar process when I sleep past around 4:30. She hasn't taken a bat to me yet but those claws of hers but she makes a pretty toothy, sharp-clawed alarm dog.

Minka said...

those are quite some shoes! Don't lose one though, God knows what kind of princes you'll attract :)

e-bay sure seems to have entered people's lifes in all sorts of aspects, doesn't it?

Bone said...

I don't mind cabin fever, actually. It beats most other types of fevers. Except maybe Super Bowl fever. Oh, and boogie fever, of course.

ariel said...

The cartoon is hilarious.

ariel said...

That cartoon reminded me of an episode of Foamy The Squirrel. He lives with Germaine, a ghost chick, and has low opinion of her. (He's secretly in love with her, I think.)

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