Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have a habit of talking to myself, but I wonder: if I were to experience some kind of time warp, fall through a hole in space, or whatever, and wind up faced with my 21-year-old self, would I be able to talk to myself? What would I talk about with me?


TLP said...

You might say: "I bet my wonderful mom won't spray my hair on my wedding day."
And you'd be right!

You have changed a lot since you were twenty. You were always interesting, but you're much more interesting now. You've grown in a good way. I guess you'd say, "Don't worry about a thing, sweetie. You're going to have a good life." And you'd be right again.

Doug said...

Great photo. I think you might say "What if we put purple dye in mom's can of hairspray?"

tsduff said...

I LOVE this picture - how sweet. I do like hearing your Ma's reflections... what an interesting idea.

Minka said...

you'd say: "so if we two could travel back in time, could we meet our 6 year old equivalent and tehn maybe the three of us could enjoy a game of hopscotch!"

Don't you find that there is always a third person missing to play all those fun games. I used two tress as a kid :)

ariel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo. One of my all time favourites.

I'd sure have a thing or two to say to my 21 year old self but I know I wouldn't listen. Hopeless. But the photo is great. Made my day. Thank you!

ariel said...

Oh and I loved your Mom's comment, too. *grins*