Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aral Peppermint Patty Pez!

Happy Birthday, Aral! I hope you get to party with a few friends and bask in the glow of your special day!

(I am blushing Red Sox red for the occasion.)


AP3 said...

Thanks, actonbell! Don't forget to get your free taco today.

TLP said...

Sweet! Ain't she cute?

Doug said...

Now, I have been to four Pez sites this morning expecting the birthday dirge and nothing. Nunca. Nada.

Did you guys forget the words in your dotage?

actonbell said...

Oh, happy birthday,
oh happy birthday,
Pain, misery and despair
People dying everywhere
Oh happy birthday,
Oh happy birthday.

There ya go:)

Doug said...

Thank you, Actonbell. It's nice to see one of us is staying young,

ariel said...

LOL @Actonbell!

AP33, hope you're getting better. :-)

Minka said...

Oh, that song...I blocked that out. Not surprisingly the curmudgeon needed his somber note!
Happy birthday Ap3, once again!