Saturday, October 20, 2007


1. news item: David Copperfield might be in some nasty trouble.

It's true that not much has been reported yet, and it does seem curious that this unidentified woman did not report this sooner, but I don't agree with people who automatically assume that this woman is some wacko trying to get money. Actually, I'm just hoping the woman in question is a legal adult.

Anyone who thinks it's impossible for a celebrity who has women fawning on him all the time to commit rape hasn't been paying attention. Yes, there are women the world over who would love to sleep with Copperfield, but now that he is 51 years old, his female fans are probably no longer 20-somethings.

Mike and I toured his warehouse when The Magic Collector's Convention was held in Las Vegas a couple years ago, and we did get to meet Copperfield, who behaved very graciously while sharing his collection with a group of mostly older men. When we toured the warehouse, though, it was not like this (I begin to understand the rift between Copperfield and Ricky Jay). A year later, we caught Copperfield's magic show, and I gave it a scathing review. I didn't like his manner at all and found his humor unkind and inappropriate. I thought he was creepy and, unfortunately, find myself believing these comments, posted on a news forum:

"I'm glad to see this. I went to one of his shows with my wife, and after selecting her out of the audience for a trick on the show, he invited her backstage afterwards. There he got her phone, email, and other info on the premise that he might do a show in our city and might use her in the show again. When they came out from backstage, my family posed for photos with him. After returning home, he commenced to email my wife, inviting her to visit him at his Bahamas Island, followed by phone calls. What an ass! I was suspicious of why he selected her from the audience, and especially when he talked her into giving him contact information. It's clear he makes a habit of this and doesn't care whether his targets are married or not. I hope they nail his ass to the wall."
"He should already be in jail for the statatory [sic] rape he committed in his dressing room after 2 performances. I witnessed the very young girl barely dressed, running out of Davids dressing room, after her mother forced her way though to my boss the promoter. David wouldn't show his face until a deal was made with the young girls mother. He looked like a smug pig.
I was also used as a plant in both of his shows that night, and had to converse with him. He is a pig."

Of course, these people could be exaggerating or lying for the fun of it, too. There's even a theory that all this is deliberate publicity to keep people from calling him gay! The fact that anyone would care about that is depressing, too.

Remember when Hugh Grant solicited a prostitute, while he was married to the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley and had women dropping at his feet? Cheating on Elizabeth was not nice, but at least he was fair to the prostitute: he didn't get exactly what he wanted because he didn't have enough money on him! Famous people do some very strange things.

It will be very interesting to see what comes out of this.

2. Observed item: People are getting ruder while driving. I have a particular issue with turning right on red in a couple places around here. One of these intersections is a very busy one, and as soon as the traffic coming from the left ceases, then opposing traffic gets a green left turn signal, so turning right on red is often just not prudent at that juncture. This morning, for the second time, some jerk in a huge pickup truck drove up behind me and put his big paw down and really blasted his horn, which is very startling. Maybe he can see better up there in his monster truck than I can down here in my wee car, but he only had to wait two more seconds.

Another place is very close to where I live, and the light there is only a couple years old, added because of all the accidents caused by people turning right without being able to see what's coming down the road. Unfortunately, there is no "no turn on right" sign there, but I act like there is because I've witnessed two crashes at the spot, back when I was crazy enough to to run that way. People honk at me there, too. There is NO obligation to turn right on red, folks. Honk all you want, be a jerk, and I will ignore you. I'm getting good at that. And that's as polite as I can be, given the situation.

3. The woeful news of how successful people treat others and how rude everyday life is pales next to the news that harmful bacteria are quickly evolving into creatures that can kill healthy young people. This is very scary. It's an issue that will take worldwide cooperation to handle--we need to change the way we've used antibiotics. As we've seen with environmental issues, however, it's not easy to convince people to get real and work together.

Oh, I'm sorry--my Saturday is getting away from me, and enjoying the weekend is about all I can do.

This just in: Mike tells me that the price of yachts is going way up! Damn inflation.


TLP said...

Yes. Depressing. Although I will withhold judgement on Copperfield for now.

You are so correct about the right turn on red thing. Do it only if YOU think it is safe.

Nessa said...

People take antibiotics way too often, instead of trying to use their natural immune systems.

I used to love driving. Not so much anymore.

I'm so sick and tired of celebrates of all sorts.

Doug said...

I think "What is it with these people?" comes up more and more in my head. Copperfield drooled on stage, don't they?

Darn yachts are getting to where the common CEO has to choose between the pier and philanthropy.

Jamie Dawn said...

I knew I should have bought that yacht last month.
Now, they'll want two million for it.
Darn it!

About the Copperfield alleged rape, if he DID do it, I hope it can be proven. I'd hate for him to get away with it if he's guilty. The rich and famous have a way with getting away with even murder (OJ) sometimes.

Happy What's Left of the Weekend!!

Jocelyn said...

One point of correction: Hugh Grant was never married to Elizabeth Hurley...but point taken, nevertheless!

Copperfield is slime incarnate. Yuck!

ariel said...

Do what you have to do and ignore the honking ones! Maybe a gun on the passenger seat would be nice, though. ;-)

I've heard of that bacterial thing, too. So much to worry about that finally it's not possible to worry about anyhting...

AP3 said...

Copperfield has always seemed a little creepy to me. Yeah, drivers can be jerks. We Massachusetts drivers are known to the rest of New England as "Massholes".

Pavel said...

Yikes! I hadn't heard anything about this, though I remember reading your less than complimentary review of his show.

Hopefully the truth will come out.