Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Clockwork Vegetable

Look at this! What a creative idea.

Every morning, Mike awakes and sits up one minute before his alarm goes off. Gee, I wish I were like that. On weekends, Mike gets right out of bed without an alarm clock and goes running. When he gets back, I'm still in bed. This usually shames me into getting up, but sometimes I just shuffle across the hall to the futon, as if that's getting up.

I wonder how long The Geek Alarm Clock* would roll around? Would it break if it made it down the stairs? Would Serena panic and pee on the spot? I mean, what are the consequences of letting it go, other than dead batteries? On the other hand, maybe it would become habit to get up and chase this thing around. That would be a pretty funny habit to have, but it might work.

Of course, if I were to actually try to use this thing, someone might follow me out of bed and do harm to this precious Geek Clock. And maybe this same person would not be very happy with me. It would be a really inconsiderate thing to do, since I'm not Tigger.

Another idea would be an alarm clock that crescendos. I could put it somewhere away from the bed, and as it got louder, I would have to jump up and shut it off, or it would just get worse. Remember George Jetson's alarm clock? "George Jetson, it's time to get up" was followed by "George Jetson, it's time to get up!" And then, I think, a bugle came out of the clock and played reveille, and at some point a boxing glove came out and slugged him, and then I think the bed ejected him, right?

Actually, that's what I really need: an bed that ejects, regurgitates, vomits, and propels me out of the room, but that's impossible. Unless Serena should fart every morning at the appropriate time.


* This must be a Clocky. Pretty cool.

If you should need to get someone else out of bed (mother's friend) Check this out! Hilarious. For someone:)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

Soccer star Pele is 67 today. Tick, tock! (some heavy-handed J.M. Barrie symbolism comes to mind)


TLP said...

You were never meant to be a morning person. From the very beginning, you were a night person.

I love the clocks! Just keep them away from me.

AP3 said...

This makes me think of dddragon's college roommate's $%#&@! alarm clock...

There is an alarm clock that crescendos, actually. The Zen alarm clock. Kinda pricey, though.

AP3 said...

Here's a link for the Zen alarm clock.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would destroy that alarm clock. With my foot.

ariel said...

It makes me depressed to read about people control their lifes like that. How I'll neer be able to keep my life in my hand like that.

Good old Aristoteles...

Will be back for the video.

Nessa said...

Jetson's bed not only ejected him but put him in the shower and fed him breakfast, all while he continued to sleep on his feet. That would be me.

ariel said...

Funny alarm clock! But I think the video is not a real one. I mean, where is the axe?

ariel said...

AP3, I love the idea to be waken up like that. Can save lifes.

Doug said...

I don't understand why someone would wake a geek in the first place.

zclyde said...

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