Wednesday, October 24, 2007


"Look, Sophie, that's a picture taken at Uncle Ely's, back when you were in college. Remember how embarrassed you were when Mom asked the one owner when his store closed that night, and he told her, 'We set the dogs out at nine?' Well, she had a funny retort, didn't she? Ha! She just laughed, and said, 'You mean it gets worse?' And the guys all busted up laughing, and you tried to find someone else to stand with? "

"Yes, Daphne, I remember," intoned Sophie, who was bored and sleepy, and was not enjoying this look back on old times, when even a weekend could be less than relaxing. Now, as a young child, she had not a care in all the world, and it was glorious, silky, divine. Still, she couldn't help remembering how she'd felt as her mother gradually morphed into a spry and slightly flirtatious young woman. She'd reached her turn-around point when Sophie was still in high school, which was unexpected. Most of the women in her mother's family didn't start the return journey until they were quite a bit older.

Sophie let out a happy, luxurious sigh. She and Daphne were enjoying their childhoods even more, this time. The second one is always better. And they were both relieved to observe how their mother was lingering in her late teens, enjoying all the new gadgets.

"It's time for Sesame Street!" exclaimed Daphne. "We'll tell Mom. She playing with that video game thing again."

"I don't think so, Daphne, she got really mad last time," said Sophie, remembering how their landlady had threatened them all that mysterious and scary things would happen if she had to come down there.

"You're always a chicken, Sophie. I know! We'll microwave some popcorn, and she'll be out in a flash. And we'll bring her her cell phone, and maybe she'll call somebody."

"Ok! And if she doesn't come out, we eat the popcorn!" Sophie was suddenly wide awake and excited.

"Sophie," replied Daphne, exasperated, "you never remember the point, either."
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pia said...

For a hot sec I was totally confused but I love it. It made me laugh out lound

Fanciful--the only word for this is fanciful

No similarities to TLP or the rest of the Pez family :)

paisley said...

that was delightful.. i loved it.. the characters wee alive... definitely an excellent piece of work....

Shephard said...

I was so caught up in the delightful playfulness of the post... I didn't even notice the prompts. Very fun.

tumblewords said...

I like this - it's creative and totally original...nicely done!

TC said...

Hey, it's important to not miss Sesame Street!

Truefaith1963 said...

this story is twisting my melon!!
you do some crazy things with time here, I like it!

TLP said...

Wow! Brava! That was original to understate it. Loved it! You should write a book.

Nessa said...


Bone said...

Yes, I think originality is the one word that comes to mind while reading this. Great job! A fun read. Thanks for participating :)

tsduff said...

Oh my - not another authoress... sigh. Made me think of me and my sisters... looking down at Mom. Very nice :)

Doug said...

!llebnotca ,yrots cifirreT

Was it fiction?

Michelle Johnson said...

Good job and use of the words this week. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.


ariel said...

I love this story. The best thing in being a little girl is that you don't care about boys anymore. Freedom! The world is so big. I can hardly wait.

gautami tripathy said...

The characters come out so vivid!

RomanceWriter said...

Really cute story!