Sunday, September 23, 2007

Questionable Decisions and Taste

After growing out all those dead cells until they hung down over my shoulders, and acquiring all those hair bands, clips, and ties, I got it all chopped off and it feels wonderful. A local hair cutting professional was very stressed out, and the ladies in neighboring chairs were casting those furtive, sideways glances, but that messy, straight, fine, dry, time-consuming, good-for-nothing hair is history, discarded with yesterday's trash. Hallelujah.

Want head bands? They're in style now. I have brown, tan, dark pink, black, and assorted colors in plastic. I have those stay-put elastic bands for sports, too. Oh, and hair ponytail bands--any color on the planet.


Lately, I have been forced to listen to country music at work. Dreadful stuff, and this station we're subjected to plays a very small list of tunes over and over again. Adults should be embarrassed about listening to this stuff. There is ONE song that tickled my funny bone--and it's actually supposed to be funny. It's Brad Paisley's So Much Cooler Online (embedding has been disabled, but check it out on YouTube).

Daddy Niks has just entered his last year of being "seventy-something." He had a peaceful birthday this year, but we won't let him get away with that, next year. It's too bad about PSU losing to Michigan again, but I think that was his only disappointment for the day.


At work: the cafeteria is now totally dismantled, the mail room employees are gone as of this past Friday (some were crying--I won't be), a few more people have received Official Word of the End, and I am being trained to cover a couple people who are being forced to transfer to the sister warehouse, where they will probably get another year in before being laid off. (breath) Good times!
AND, I got a great closeout deal on Fort Collins Brewery's Chocolate Stout. It was cheaper than Yuengling, and yes, this is a big deal. I have not yet sampled the tequila I brought home with me, though. I don't know what's wrong with me.


Doug said...

Great photo. Very funny. I have a very strict haircut regimen: Let it grow way too long then shave it.

I love country & western music, ending with Merle Haggard's The Old Man From The Mountain. That was the last good C&W song. There will be no more, or, at least, I won't know about them.

TLP said...

You always look cute in short hair. Save the long-hair stuff, 'cause your hair grows fast.

That video was terrific! I loved it, and I hate country music! The song is pretty good, but the video is to die for.

I can't read the word tequila without hearing Danny Flores shout "tequila!" Good times.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You know what happens when you play Country Music backwards?

Your wife returns home with the dog and the truck.

Chocolate Stout is some good stuff. Good for you and the beer find. I would have sampled the tequila by now.

I am surprised more people have not bailed out of the workplace. I would have.

Jocelyn said...

Short hair AND chocolate stout?

You are partaking in All Things Freeing, aren't you?

Nessa said...

Short hair is so freeing.

Chocolate beer?

Doug said...

OK, this is completely irrelevant, but I wanted to share this story with you. While you were on vacation I came home one day to find a case of Heineken with all but 6 bottles gone and a note that read "we don't need these. enjoy." from my neighbor. Some stories you don't ask about no matter how funny you think they might be.

Minka said...

Short hair, big step...I bet it suits you. Love the t-shirt,too :)
Oh and welcome back from yoru vacation, seems liek I have some catching up to do :)

ariel said...

I've never thought of my hair as "dead cells that hang down" before. You show me new perspectives.

Thank you for not starting the tequila without me. I am coming!

Logophile said...

OK, that was quite possibly the least painful country music experience I've ever had.

Short hair suits you, from the back.
I like it!