Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pretend it's Wednesday, if and only if it's not

Shocking revelation:

The president just said something I agree with.

If the (Columbia) president thinks it's a good idea to have the leader from Iran come and talk to the students as an educational experience, I guess it's OK with me, Bush told Fox News.

It would be scary if we the people acted to secure our union by denying certain people the right to speak. President Ahmadinejad's views are repugnant to me, but getting to hear his words, first hand, is an excellent education. I hope it serves to remind the upcoming generation of how important, how precious, our separation between church and state is.

And I must confess that at first I really laughed when Ahmadinejad said, "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country," but then I immediately felt horrible; it's not funny. Ahmadinejad is executing gay men, but denying their existence. This is obvious, but without Ahmadinejad's presence, this fact would not have been as much in our news as it is now.

Some people fear that some of these students might be moved to agree with Ahmadinejad, but I don't think he changed any minds.

What's more annoying, that blinking, or the fact that I agree with Bush?

A little snippet of the Columbia Spectator is interesting for an array of opinions.

Wait--tonight is the Harvest Moon. It looks like a big pizza pie, huh? Oh, wait, I have pizza on the brain. It's supposed to look like Swiss cheese, but right now it's looking like the top of a beer bottle. Or a doorknob on a black door, or an old night light, or one of the holes in the Albert Hall, or a finger painting inside a round construction paper border, or a gilded marble, or a brass button, or a thumb tack, or a peephole in the wall of a dark room, ohmakemestop

Incidentally, "once in a blue moon" actually means "once every two-and-a-half years". There were two full moons in May of 2007--that's the way we perceived it in America, anyway. However, there will be no blue moon in 2008. Oh, well. If we were hoping for any of those once in a blue moon things to happen, we'll have to wait 'til 2009.
Painting by Yuroz
Incidentally, I might have experienced my blue moon in a tipsy sort of way; not only did I find the chocolate stout on a closeout, but Mike and I walked into the state store* last night, and before we even started looking for a nice red wine to take to that Italian byob, we saw

2002 Katnook Estate Shiraz


FIVE BUCKS? How bad can it be? Of course, we tried this one. This shiraz is from down under, and it was a real treat. If you happen to see this one, know that it gets two thumbs up.

*A state store is where you get wine and liquor, if you live in Pennsylvania. Yes, there is no beer. You'll have to go to a beer distributor to get a case, and a bar to get up to two six packs. Want three six packs? Too. Bad. (Unless there are two or three of you)

Happy Last Wednesday of September 2007.


TLP said...

*sshhhh...* Hush. child of mine. You don't want to admit to agreeing with W. Well. Okay. Maybe just this once. I never listen to him. Ever. So I'm not in any danger of agreeing with him.

That full moon pix looks like mold to me.

Congrats on scoring a second liquor bargain. Bonus! You better pay the lottery. Did you know that you canNOT buy a state lottery ticket at a state store? I think that's funny.

ariel said...

I wonder what pictures would come into the mind of a blind people I read them your words about the Moon.

Nessa said...

It is always best to hear what someone has to say. "Know thy enemy."

I'm sorry you had to agree with Bush this time, but I doubt it will happen again.

The moon is purdee.

Inexpensive wine...SCORE!

Doug said...

Oh, I agree with him on many things including that. First and foremost, it's not the boss' fault when nothing goes right. We hear lots of despicable crap from lots of people, what difference does it make if one of the muttonheads clamoring on tv is the President of Iraq?

Nice moon essay. To me it looks like a bulls eye on the universe. Willie and Walela thinks the full moon looks like a goblin in gravy.

I think he meant "We have no homosexuals left. I just have a wide stance."

Doug said...

By the way, do you know about Two-buck chuck? There's a wine sold by Trader Joe's grocery stores that's $1.99/bottle and everyone I know who likes wine likes it.

tsduff said...

Most excellent post today - on both freedom of speech and the moon. I love the moon - and I love the movie Moonstruck... (can't think of one without the other - as in your song "Amore"... )

I thought they only had those kind of liquor stores in Iceland... I got to know them fairly well as the only place you can buy alcohol of any kind over there.

ariel said...

Oh and wanted to say, I had no idea blue moon has that meaning. Thank you!

pia said...

I'm turning into a friend of mine and not in a good way. The sunset was amazing. I ran to get the camera. By the time I got the glass door then the screen open open, it was down. Rather than standing and watching I had to record it. Now I have neither picture nor memory of it

The full moon was wonderful last night but the battery needed charging...I need to relearn to look for the sake of looking

This was a wonderful post. I always get confused by harvest moons--feel they should come in October but...

Voyager said...

What, there are homosexuals in America?!! Who knew? But at least they have the right to go and hear an evil man espouse his views against them in person.

MyUtopia said...

Wow, that is surprising to me that Bush would be that open minded.

Cheesemeister said...

I rarely drink but today I actually bought a six pack of good ole Mickey's Big Mouth and tipped one back. After the day I had due to my computer crashing, it was either that or rip someone's head off!

neva said...

do you have a bottle of "ketchup"? cuz i REALLY need one.

just sayin'... i have been ONE LOUSY bloggirlfriend, and intend to spend the next bit of time reading up about your vacation adventures and/or anything else that's been on your lovely mind, of late. Including, but not limited to, thoughts on harvest and/or blue moons, cheap liquor, and/or the latest surprisingly reasonable words of our so-called President.

that is, i will as soon as i get over the shock of that flashing sentence you have at the start of this post. ; )