Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What's happening?

Look at that! It's Tuesday night, already. Monday went by in a blur, a very sleepy blur, because I'd stayed up a wee bit late on Sunday, which was my birthday. Staying up on the birthday is obligatory, of course. Ekim and I went out to a nice restaurant in Harrisburg. I had almost-raw tuna served with shrimp and crab, which was quite a treat, and Ekim had a cheese wellington (no meat) that was fabulous, too. And then, a barber shop quartet came in and sang Happy Birthday to a young woman across the room, and I got to be thankful that they didn't come for me, because these old guys went on and on and on and the young woman who shared my birthday had to sit there and beam at them the whole time. My cheeks got sore, just watching her. Thanks to my parents, who gave us a gift certificate for this restaurant, I didn't even have to decide where to go!

Oh, and the day before that was my coworker's wedding. That was Saturday afternoon, inside the smallest church I've ever seen. However, it does have a nifty JESUS SAVES neon sign on top. Its air conditioner was overwhelmed, and poor Groom was sweating so profusely that I thought he might fall over. Luckily, it was a quick service. Afterwards, we filed out onto the lawn, where the minister himself had parked us, and waited a short time for the happy couple to emerge so that we could cheer and blow bubbles at them.

It was while waiting, amidst all the cars, that I realized how many people had not attempted to squeeze inside this tiny church, electing to smoke outside, instead. This is something that always surprises me: even in extremely hot weather, people who smoke will strike matches and set fire to something close to their faces. I know it's an addiction, but I'm addicted to eating, and it's harder to do in the heat. Am I digressing? To continue, I also noticed the only hideous-jewelry coworker who was not inside the church: Tinkerbell. She was hanging outside of a red car, smoking, and wearing jeans. There, she did it: she surprised me. Tinkerbell is a pretty girl, and would have looked lovely and felt cooler in something more expected, such as a dress or skirt, but chose to come inappropriately and uncomfortably attired. I stand in wonder.

The strangest thing that happened during the reception involved the bouquet/garter throw. Lucille, the one who caught the bouquet, either did not know what was going to happen next, or had a panic attack. You be the judge. As Leo the Garter Catching Guy knelt down in front of Lucille, ready to put this on her leg, she fled. FLED. Got up from the chair and sprinted back to her seat. Did she think Leo was supposed to chase her? Or maybe it was a not-fast-enough game? She's about my age, she must know the game! The DJ skipped the garter music and got on with his program very quickly, while Leo returned to our table and said, "Well, I guess that means I'm jinxed--I'll never get married." A minute later, he politely gave the garter to Lucille. Leo's a nice guy.

It was a fun reception, and Ekim and I sat with Buntop and her children, Leo, and another friend of Winnie's, and enjoyed talking to lots of the people there. I even joined the congo line and did the chicken dance. There were some no-shows, the surprising one being The Queen, our work leader. Winnie smiled the entire time. Her cheeks are probably still sore.

And that's long enough for now. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


ariel said...

I'm so happy the barber shop quartet didn't find you. there are so many ways to make a birthday embarrassing. glad to hear yours went fine. :)

Logophile said...

Uncomfortable AND inappropriate, wow, way to spice it up, Tinkerbell!
Glad your birthday was good and the food sounds wonderful.
I love the yellow toothed happy bunny, that is awesome.

TLP said...

Great post! I almost missed it 'cause you posted again quickly.

Talk about going by in a flash!

The Lazy Iguana said...

There is garter music? I need to find that.

Balou said...

I've got to get some of those happy bunny cards posted up around here. They make me LOL every time. Being an almost 2 year ex-smoker - those fringe smokers bother me sooo much. Way to let a cigarette be more important than your friend. I've never heard of the garter catcher putting the garter on the bouquet catcher. A good idea though.

Doug said...

I'm kind of glad I don't get invited to weddings. I have no idea what to do with a garter.

Bone said...

I passed a church with a sign that said "Eternity Straight Ahead" out front.

I turned around.

OK, I didn't really, but I thought it was funnier if I said I did.