Tuesday, August 21, 2007

confuse a cat

It's a dark and rainy day. What better fun is there than leaving work early for a dentist appointment AND confusing your cat at the same time? The dentist appointment is for me, not Serena the Cat. I wish there had been a way to care for her awful teeth without knocking her out and traumatizing her, but, there wasn't. So, we didn't. In my dreams, though, she takes care of her own teeth. Brush, brush, spit, rinse, then lick the sink clean.

Instead, though, I'm the one in for the torture, and she thinks it's time to eat, just because I came home. Oh, but wait, I'll be leaving and then coming back, so then it will be time to eat again, because she will greet me at the door. She missed me this time, sleepin' on the job. It's so easy to confuse a cat.

I snatched Monty Python's Confuse-a-Cat sketch from YouTube. If you ever have time, it's an amusing piece of work--

While I was over watching the Tube, I saw Nora the Piano Cat. Very interesting! Don't you wish your pet loved the piano? We don't have one, but I'm sure Serena would be horrified.


TLP said...

Loved sshht! it!

I never saw that MP skit before. Most excellent.
I'd like to learn how to confound a bee. More importantly I could use help to stun a chipmonk.

ariel said...

oh I now know what a cat and an apostle have in common.

that's one of my fave Monty Python sketches!

Logophile said...

I do so love MP.
I give Mr. Logo this treatment from time to time
(snicker snicker)

The Lazy Iguana said...

I feed my cats dry food. It seems to keep their teeth clean enough. I had one cat make it to 20 or 21 or something and she never lost a cat tooth. So that is good.

The skit confused me.

I noticed the vacation countdown timer is at 16.

Doug said...

The dentist feeds no one.

ariel said...

16 days! it was 40 just the other day. I got excited.

Marti said...

Awww. Hope kitty comes out ok.

And you too - LOL

Hugs to both of you!

Doug said...

I finally got to watch. That is funny. Dogs are much easier to confuse.

tsduff said...

I suppose I need to hire that outfit for my cat The Terrorist... she could stand to be confused.

I love Monty Python, very funny!

neva said...

oh how i lovelovelove Monty Python. this sketch is a hoot, but then, what have they ever done that wasn't? as for the Nora the Piano Cat vid? heh... saw that a few weeks ago and decided it was a good thing we don't have a piano.

hope you've recovered from the dental work, my friend, and that Serena finally figured out when she was supposed to eat! ; )