Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where's Edie??

We recently watched Paul Simon honored as the first recipient of THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS GERSHWIN PRIZE FOR POPULAR SONG. Is that an impressive-sounding award? And were there lots of very famous and talented musicians lined up to sing Paul Simon's songs? Did they include short films of Paul Simon singing with other people, such as George Harrison, and performing at important events? Yes, yes, and yes. And everytime we see Paul Simon on TV, Ekim has asked, 'what happened to Edie Brickell? She's nowhere to be seen.' Yeah, Paul, what did you do with Edie?

Well, in response to the caller from Pennsylvania, Paul Simon has been married to singer-songwriter Edie Brickell since 1992, and they have three children. It turns out that he didn't kidnap her, or silence her, or anything tragic like that. After The New Bohemians' first blockbuster album, Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, the band simply had trouble achieving as much success and disbanded. Edie started a solo career, but then felt burned out from all the media attention that she'd gotten, and focused on raising her three children. She enjoyed the privacy and took a long hiatus, but never quit writing songs.

In 2006, she reunited with some of the New Bohemians to record Stranger Things. You can check it out on Edie Brickell's myspace page, along with some of her past solo work.

So, who should be the second recipient of the grand award, after Paul Simon? I'd say Billy Joel.


MyUtopia said...

Cool post. My mom loves Paul Simon.

TLP said...

I like Paul Simon a lot. But Paul McCartney would have been first, if I were doin' the pickin'.

Bob Dylan?

actonbell said...

I thought about Dylan,too--he should probably come before Joel. Paul McCartney's out of the question because he's not from the US. I should have mentioned that, I guess.

TLP said...

Ah so...an American. Well, I still of course think that Dylan should be before Joel. I guess they wanted a live body, so Buddy Holly was out.

If you insist on a live American, then you are just limiting the whole thing too much for me.

neva said...

i lovelovelove Paul Simon (Graceland is still one of my all time favorite albums) -- so i think it's cool he received this honor. that said, i agree with your mom... surely Bob Dylan -- or someone who's fame was established a bit earlier than Billy Joel's -- should be next.

then i wonder -- what about Motown? is that considered "pop"? it sure as heck was (and IS) popular with me! seems like more than a few artists from that genre should qualify for this award, too.

and i ADORE Edie Brickell, so i'm thrilled to know she's back in the "music biz". : )