Wednesday, July 18, 2007

wafting by

The summer is passing while I sleep. Before long, it will seem like a short dream that's hard to remember. Sleep doesn't cling to me in the mornings quite the way it does in the winter, and some days go by in a drowsy blur.

Still, this will be the important summer during which Ekim's best friend (since fourth grade) received a kidney transplant and the hope of a better life.

It's the first summer in about a decade in which I will be home for my birthday, instead of in Sea Isle City; the nieces with whom we visit there are growing up, and we always knew life would change.

And that means I get to pick out my birthday dinner from a larger array of restaurants.

Dddragon's daughters will be attending the Harry Potter Midnight Bash on their 17th birthday! How cool is that?

It's the summer my mother taught me how to make bruschetta and it was delicious. We made five times the recipe to take on a riverboat social event, and we had a lovely night for it.

As of today, it's 50 days until I'm off work for our Mexican vacation in September. I live for vacations.

And I need to get up early tomorrow. I've got two 10-hour workdays ahead of me, I'm afraid, but the weekend is coming....

I'll try to see beautiful scenes in the boredom.


TLP said...

All seasons fly by for me now.

This is a lovely post sweetie.

I very much enjoyed making the bruschetta with you! It was delicious, wasn't it? The entire evening was grand.

Logophile said...

bruschetta, I love it!
Best wishes to Ekim's buddy.
What cuisine are you thinking you will you choose for your birthday dinner?
Vacations, oooh yes, good things.

Doug said...

That is a pretty post. It's a funny thing about growing more, um mature. Summer is only 1/3 through. I like the winter best and I get that end-of-winter feeling around New Year's Day anymore.

ariel said...

"The summer is passing while I sleep." must be one of the most beautiful first sentences I have ever come across.

may the mornings in Mexico in September not be bothered by angry kings!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I, too, am going on vacation in September. But not to Mexico, so don't spend any time looking for me.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Mexico huh? Awesome. Last time I was there I got some really good tequila. The tequila is safe to drink, the water may or may not be. Remember that.

Oh yea the beer is also safe to drink.

Not a bad arrangement really.

Bone said...

That was a beautiful first paragraph, Actonbell.

It always seems to me that after the 4th of July, summer is running away and I'm never quite able to catch it.

And I have a much, much harder time getting out of the bed in winter, for sure :)

neva said...

here's hoping Ekim's friend lives to enjoy MANY summers -- and that being "home" for your birthday turns out to be a veryVERY good and happy thing!

lovely post! and, oooooh, even more lovely is the knowledge that in less than 50 days you'll be embarking on a wonderful trip that will result, no doubt, in a number of wonderful posts!

PS: i reallyreallyreally hope this particular weekend is special and fun as your post! ; )

Jocelyn said...

Good job trying to find beautiful work!

Where, o, where, will the birthday dinner take place?

G said...

I do love the summer melancholy that this post evokes. Here's to counting down to vacations!

Doug said...

I caught a big bunch of summer this weekend. Sometimes it's staying up for.

Doug said...

Um, worth staying up for. Apparently not all the time.

MyUtopia said...

This summer is definitely flying by for me. I am usually bored senseless at work, but this year I have been really busy.

Cheesemeister said...

Unfortunately this summer has been more of a grouchy, nauseated blur for me. The temperature has usually been on average 95 degrees and that kind of heat makes me queasy. I start feeling very trapped, and can't sleep well.