Sunday, July 08, 2007

Really? I was just thinking about you

Sunday afternoon

I was sitting outside, under the shade of a tree I love, reading. And daydreaming, and listening to all the birds that I can always hear but not see. And this is frustrating, because I've brought my camera to practice on the robins. We have lots of robins in these parts, but I can't seem to get a decent picture of one, in the broad daylight.

If I can't do that, how am I going to capture proof of my bats, who fly for a very brief period of time, just after 5am, when it's barely light outside? And they don't glide or pose for any time at all. They fly in and out of the trees. And there's the nagging problem of having my camera with me for five miles. Even if the bats were to pose for me, I'd still have problems; truth be told, I can barely keep myself still enough to take a picture of something that's nailed down.

Ah, but then, the other morning, I decided to run multiple laps around our neighborhood, for a change, and discovered that bats live on the far side of our little loop! Problem almost solved; I'll interrupt just one of my laps, then stash the camera in the mailbox, mission accomplished.

At this point, I got tired of sitting in the front lawn, with all the traffic going down the street, and so gathered up my chair, my camera, and my two books (I'm two-timing), and headed to the back yard.

On my way there, in that region known as The Side of The Yard, I saw something I've never seen before:

Poor little guy. Now, I know that this does not count as an action shot--I mean, this is an expired bat, one that's gone to meet his maker. An ex-bat. Pining for...whatever.

And kinda cute.

Don't worry, Mom, I didn't actually touch a dead animal. I used protection.

See how small it is? So. We have bats here, but why are they so active at around 5am in a few areas? It's a mystery...


TLP said...

Wowza! What fun! Well, not for the ex-bat of course.

Thank your for not touching that thing without protection, 'cause I think it is a boy bat.

It's all the proof I need.

tsduff said...

One time I heard a fabulous but unseen birds in the woods. I was determined to track it down and find the identity of the singer. I was guessing some kind of thrush by the sound of it, but dang it all if that bird didn't just keep on slowly leading me further and further into the pines, without giving me so much as a glimpse of itself. Finally, exhausted and frustrated after tramping through sticks, treefalls and slash, I closed in on the mystery bird.

A robin.

Man, I was so frustrated I wanted to scream!! Nothing and exotic to discover - just a plain old ordinary robin. A robin is a kind of thrush, but not what I had been hoping for.

Anyway, good luck with your camera search. As for the poor little bat... have you had your rabies shots? ;-)

MyUtopia said...

Poor bat...we have tons of bats here, which is nice because they keep the mosquito population down.

Doug said...

Just a guess but many small bats eat insects so I'm guessing twilight dawn is a good hunting time when the insects are out but bats still have an advantage.

Or maybe that's when mean old Widder Batbreath cleans the cave.

Bone said...

On my way there, in that region known as The Side of The Yard

*chuckle* This is why I come here.

Oh, and bats are fascinating, too, I think.

actonbell said...

Yeah, I think you're right, Mom.

LOL, Terry! Robins are probably the ones that make the most noise around here.

myutopia & Doug-- insects must be the answer--I'm seeing them in specific places, where some of the biggest, fullest trees are--and down by the creek is just infested with gnats on warm mornings. I've cursed myself before for not spraying myself with something before heading down there.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I don't have any answers. I only got questions, like you.

So, anyway, that's a nice lookin' foot. I sure hope it's yours. and not your husband's.

G said...

EEEEeeeek! Am I the only reluctant nature girl here?! You are brave as I'd be running in a helmet, instead of with a camera.

G said...

or at least in my lampshade ;)

mjd said...

Hello, you read my mind and all the other mother's minds. I am shouting (in my head; it is 6:21 AM), "Don't touch that bat, you will get rabies."

Doug said...

By the way, you have HUGE feet!

Jamie Dawn said...

Poor, little, dead bat.
I wouldn't touch that thing either, dead or alive!!
I haven't noticed bats here where we live. I wonder if we have them around here????
We DO have lightning bugs or fireflies, depending on where you're from. I LOVE those things. They look so neat. I always think of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney when I see them. You know, the part where you're in a swampy area with lightning bugs all around and an old cabin with an old feller plucking a banjo.
I hope you can manage to get a good pic of a robin.

neva said...

yeah -- twilight is when the bats are at their, um battiest. in fact, we see 'em dive bombing the bugs in our front lawn all the time between 5(ish) and 8(ish). guessing they wait 'til after dark to go after the fireflies. heh heh.

good girl for NOT touching any bat, dead or alive. seriously, that's just ewwww. ; ) xox

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think it is pining for the fjords.

We have bats in Florida too. Supposedly they are down here. I tried to attract them to the yard once, but none came. They eat a lot of bugs.

tsduff said...

I grew up seeing and loving the bats... now I just live too close to the urban persuasion... I miss the little guys. My brother used to burst out with a high pitched whistle as they flew overhead in the dusky evening, causing them to shift midflight and completely change direction due to their radar.

Cheesemeister said...

I don't think their lives are that long. One person said five days but I think it's got to be a bit longer than that.
They get in here at work sometimes. We have a mitt and an oven mitt to catch them.

Marti said...

Friday the 13th came early for the unlucky little bat! You have very nice looking feet - LOL

Hope you have a terrific weekend!

AP3 said...

Poor ex-bat. Well, ashes to ashes and all that.

Rhea said...

Bats scare me, dead or alive. Big or small.