Monday, July 02, 2007

hello from here

I'm still hanging around, working in the warehouse, doing the same riveting tasks I've been doing for months, and waiting to find out when it's going to be over. I'm staying until the bitter end because I've got 17 weeks severance pay coming and we've planned and paid for two future trips, so it would be awkward to jump ship just now.

So. Just riding it out, ya know. Quality checking (who shipped these watches to us with dead batteries?), opening returns (crash!), picking, and packing.

At lunch, Makettle and Buntop both talk to at me and Winnie at the same time. Two different tunes, in stereo:

Makettle: I told him to mind his own damn bisniz
Buntop: My sister's always doing that, it makes me so mad.
Makettle: He's real good at accusing you of what he's duin.
Buntop: Of course, my parents just think she's wonderful
Makettle: Next time he come home, I think I'll just be waitin' in HIS livinroom and start axing him noseyass questions.
Buntop: I hate it when she's like this, she needs to grow up and not be so selfish
Makettle: And I ain't gonna leave when he axs, neither
Buntop: She always goes to the doctor for herself, but she won't take her daughter. That girl needs a dermatologist real bad...

It's bizarre. Sit in for me a minute, okay? Neither one of them will mind.

It's a blessing that Tinkerbell doesn't join us. Buntop and Makettle mean to be sociable and kind, but Tinkerbell's just too cool for that. She makes fun of Makettle's laugh constantly, and really seems to believe that Makettle is finding this funny. She's also on Bee's case all the time about being a "spaz." Bee's not finding this funny any more, I can tell. And the belching is getting old, too. Tinkerbell said today that she thinks she'd make a good comedian, because she's so good at being funny.

I'll tell you what's funny. The Queen (workleader) asked Tinkerbell how many more of these invoices she needed to finish, and Tinkerbell confidently stated that she had finished 64 out of 100, so that she had 46 to go. Mr. Peabody shook his head at her, and I supported him, because she didn't believe that she was wrong. She's that confident. So, Tinkerbell got out pen and paper and

proceeded to subtract 6 from 0, then decided that she needed to borrow a 1 from the next column....oh, what a train wreck. She's 21 years old, and she did graduate from high school. Oh, and that's not all. She heard an ad on the radio about this Wednesday's festivities and guessed our country's age at "four hundred and something years old."

I can't stand it. As Tinkerbell herself yelled out a couple weeks ago (after making some other mistake), "Well, I can't have brains AND beauty!"


The Badseed was helping us pack last week, but had to go home early after becoming ill. There's speculation that she's not feeling well because she's been losing too much blood. She's a cutter, you see, and she's become involved with a guy she met over the internet, and he's into the same things she is. Including the cutting. That part's not speculation. None of my business, but I hope for the sake of others that she's not with child again.

And...speaking of that, something else is comin' 'round on the guitar...

Since one good condom ad deserves another, I thought I'd post one that CBS and FOX decided to ban. Evidently, they are uncomfortable with this ad because it doesn't expressly promote the product for health reasons. I guess some male CEOs don't think pregnancy is a health issue.


TLP said...

I love it when you talk dirty ... work. You have suffered much. But soon enough that place will be history.

Love the commercial. I can't see any reason it was banned. That's dumb.

Bone said...

Ah, that Tinkerbell sounds like an unintentional comedian.

Wow, yeah, if I had 17 weeks of severance pay coming, they'd have to board up the place, dig a moat around it, and I'd still find a way in.

Joel said...

Real life Peyton Place! Thanks for sharing Actonbell...thoroughly enjoyed it. Also - love that condom ad...we're so uptight in this country about stuff like that.

Happy 4th!

G said...

Yes I'd hang in too for the severances package - even with the likes of Tinkerbell. We are so uptight in this country about such, but I tend to think it's because the woman is playing an equal role in the sexual encounter in this ad.