Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gives me paws.

A fox ran across the street in front of me, and almost woke me up. It was about time, too, because the run was almost over. Let's see, I can remember the ferocious gnats down on creekroad, and I vaguely remember seeing a pair of storks planted on a lawn somewhere on uphill road. They've had girls named Lola and Lily. I immediately thought of a Kinks song and Lily Langtry. I have no memory of the 2-mile loop in the opposite development that followed that. Or anything about coming back along creekroad, nothing until battlehill street, when that rangy-looking fox glided across my path and into the woods.

*It's always best to wake up asleep, because then I won't talk myself out of getting up.

It seems a pity that this groggy run is more interesting than the rest of the day.

I was working returns with Buntop again yesterday. She reminded me about five times that she's off on Friday. "You'll miss me!" Right-O. I was astonished to discover that even the woman working in the company bookstore usually develops an urgent need to check something in the stockroom when Buntop comes in. I'd had no idea how far and wide Buntop's nonstop chatter traveled. Of course, there's no hiding--Buntop will simply go back there and stand at the door, jammering her head off at this poor woman. Buntop either does not notice when someone is looking pained or does not care. There's also denial, I suppose.

Today, I spent time working beside Makettle. I was quality checking, and she was replacing the small batteries in the musical birdhouses, and she was muttering the whole time. All I have to do to get along with Makettle is respond to her occasional, "Isn't that the truth?" or, "Ya know it?" Nod, nod. Yep, that's the truth, yep I know it. At least once a day, too, she'll suddenly scratch and say that she thinks she might have a tick. "Oooh." What do you say to that? (She has three horses and her home sounds like Wild Kingdom.)

Wait, wait, wait. I must be barking mad to be journaling about work again. I should be visiting, since I haven't had any time recently, and won't again tomorrow, and the cat won't let me type properly. My Wonderweather cat has just emerged from hiding from a loud, bad storm.

And, when it's not raining bullets and pancakes, it's HOT! It's hard to keep the warehouse cool with all the dock doors being opened. And the birds fly in, and start making noise, and--ya know what else.

Who let the birds in? (chirp, chirp, chirp chirp!)

And I'm mentioning work, again. Honestly.

I'll be back with a beer recommendation, soon. You knew I'd be driven to drink, huh?


TLP said...

I love your work posts! And your sleep-running posts. All good.

It was quite a storm wasn't it? I jumped at the thunder more than once, so I know Serena was hiding.

neva said...

your Serena and our Max would weather storms well, together -- both vying for the darkest/safest spot in the closet! (poor Max, life actually got so much better for him once he lost his hearing)

as for your work posts? i lovelovelove 'em, you know it? and your "sleep-running" posts are hilarious, too. and THAT'S the truth. ; )

neva said...

LOVE that picture, by the way... pretty pups! they seem much more friendly and/or harmless than that rangy-lookin' fox probably did. oh, and "raining bullets and pancakes" was one delicious-yet-scary description for a bad rain storm. damn, girl, you're good! : ) xox

Cheesemeister said...

Ah yes the heat. Bleah! I used to work at UPS. They had these big fans going in the summer which worked reasonably well for those of us on the night crew. I imagine it must have been misery in there during the day. But in the winter if they sent any of our crew down from small sort to general loading, it was FREEZING in that place! My hands got so cold once I was on the verge of crying. Warehouse work--I'll be glad enough never to do it again.

Doug said...

That was a fantastic post. This morning I hit snooze seven times and especially appreciated your asterix.

I was gonna guess a beer recommendation was fermenting.

Logophile said...

I only run in my dreams, and even then only if I am being chased.
Your way sounds healthier.

tsduff said...

The birds were the best part! Nice dream though :-)

Bone said...

I've seen a raccoon a time or two in the park where I usually run. That's as close to a fox that I can come.