Monday, June 04, 2007


Speaking of bad habits, and particularly my bad habit of wasting time, which is more specifically getting sidetracked and doing something inane and not at all related to what I meant to be doing, is catalog-gazing. The worst one is the Victoria's Secret catalogs that continue to appear in the mailbox. Why can't I just set them down on the coffee table, to be gazed at during a more appropriate time than, say, immediately? What is it about these catalogs that is so intriguing?

Marketing is a scary thing. Someone, or lots of someones, have figured out how to reach out and persuade me to spend half an hour looking at pictures of products that I do not have a need for, and will rarely buy. In fact, I know that there is scant chance of my purchasing anything before I even open any of these catalogs.

That's one well turned-out pooch, huh?

Is it just daydreaming about having fabulous stuff, looking fabulous, or constantly having a fabulous time, as I'm sure the models always are? I don't know. One thing I should point out is that I rarely see a product in these catalogs that I haven't seen before in an earlier one. Sometimes the prices come down, and sometimes they don't. Another thing I should point out is that I'm not famous for being picky about my stuff. I wear most of what's given me, for instance. So, why am I attracted to such posh glamour? Maybe I'm fascinated by the freakishly good-looking models and the beautiful pictures, or maybe the marketing wizards know something about me that I don't. It's a mystery.

Oh, and just when my interest in the usual catalogs starts to wane, here comes the shoe catalog! That's just great.

Fun to browse, but--see? Wasting time.

Note about the dog picture: that is not from Victoria's Secret, but it almost could be. They use a dog motif for their "Pink" line, and it's really cute. Dogs have animal magnetism.


TLP said...

Well, you do buy a fair number of shoes...just sayin'.

You did not get this particular trait from me. I blame your father. He loves his catalogs. Think Dr Scholl's since he has no excuse to get Victoria's Secret catalogs.

Doug said...

When I woke up this morning, I sat down to a post and didn't feel like it just yet so I went out to the garden to inventory which vegetables the rabbits and coyotes carried off or assaulted over night. It looks like there's going to be no home-grown radishes for me this year. Then I sat down again to post, realized I was running late for work and decided to cook breakfast. Based on my cabinet and refrigerator, I made split pea soup with a beef patty cooked in. I sat back down but decided to check what the news sites were saying about the Republican presidential debate last night. Then I read the LA Times and wrote my post.

I think once you are sidetracked from your blog, it's time to move outdoors. Whatever I should be doing here in my office, you can bet it's not leaving long comments.

Minka said...

and Doug, that is one of your longer comments in years!

I get side-tracked easy....itæs a reward for walking to much with the stream. With all our dialy duties and thinsg that are expected of us, I treasure teh time I can spend at looking for new blogger gadgets to put in my side-bar.

Call it a hobby, rather than a waste of time and peace of mind will be granted. It could be worse, you could collect stamps!

actonbell said...

hehe, but Dad would love VS catalogs:)

You're both right, Doug and Minka: I know it happens to most people, but I want it to start being something more intelligent. Looking for new gadgets and checking the news is SO much more intelligent.

neva said...

so? when exactly did you become a "Tempest in a Teacup" (as opposed to that cute little Teapot) -- and do i have to change your name in my blogroll?? cuz i will, oh yes... i will!!

those are some pretty cute shoes -- for someone else. i've spent WAY too many years in flip-flops and running shoes to ever want to stick my feet in a pair of heels that high! (besides, i'm so dang clumsy, i'd be sure to fall down, in no time flat!)

Doug: so, um, where were you and what were you doing when you wrote that comment? ; ) xox

G said...

My life is one big sidetrack.

Cheesemeister said...

I would break my neck if I tried to walk in those! Might be doing the world a favor at that.