Monday, May 21, 2007

timing is everything

On Saturday night, Ekim and I were sitting comfortably in front of the TV, watching the latest rental, Little Children. The plot happens to involve adultery, and there is one loud, steamy sex scene on top of a washing machine--or maybe it's just in the laundry room--but anyway, just as Kate Winslet is doing the Saturday Night Moan, the phone rang. When Ekim got up to answer it, I turned on the light and attempted to pause the movie.

Attempted is the operative word, here. I always have a rotten time with this remote, and after the eternity it took me to get the film paused, the embarrassing noises were over, anyway. Finally, I paid some attention to the phone conversation, and realized who it was. Holy blue moon, Batman--it's Ekim's brother! I think The Brother has called us once in the history of time--make that two times now--and The Brother has been, at least in the past, a Christian of the born-again persuasion, and for some reason, Ekim and I were both wincing about the thought of The Brother overhearing what we were watching. I mean, it was potentially embarrassing for anyone to hear those kinds of sounds emanating from our home, but for that someone to be Ekim's brother, with his particular sensibilities, is the most unfortunate of luck.

What timing! Now, I'll always wonder whether or not The Brother even noticed the background rumpus and perhaps pondered the notion of what passes for typical, over at Ekim's place.

Incidently, I did a google image search on bad timing. It's an addiction.

At first, I thought, why did this come up? It looks more like "wake up" or "alarm clock" or even "cymballed out." Of course, it could be said that there's never a good time to get up. That penguin better be able to make good time. Waddling.

Seems unlikely.


Minka said...

cute, cute and cute. My sister has one child esatblished in 2000 on a Washing machine! It happens.
lovelovelove the Penguin ice bear pic :)

Doug said...

Ekim to brother: "Oh, nothing. Just some laundry. No good starting the week without clean socks on."

The penguin photo cracked me up and it seems like clanging cymbals over a sleeping polar bear is completely consistent with the behavior of penguins I have known.

G said...

That is too funny.

"sure, well there's sneakers in the machine as well - not just socks."

TLP said...

LOL! Oh, yeah. The Christian bro. Too funny.

Love the pix.

neva said...

tell the truth -- had you known it was your brother-in-law, you'd have turned UP the volume. maybe even tossed in a few moans and/or groans of your own, for added effect.

so funny -- lovelovelove that pic! also, are you obsessed with Googlery, or penguins? not that it matters, mind you. personally, i'm very fond of both. ; ) xox

tsduff said...

Tee hee - that is a funny story. Once I played the movie Amalie for my Mom and Dad, completely forgeting that there is a certain scene in the middle where a couple retires to the bathroom in a cafe and soon the glassware on the counter-top is shaking off the shelves... needless to say, my Mother was NOT happy, and I wanted to crawl off to the basement...

Nice picture !