Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Home again

Ekim and I were in the Chicago area for The 38th Annual Magic Collectors' Weekend. It sounds so grand when phrased that way, huh?

We went a tad early so we could stay overnight in downtown Chicago before the convention, which was lots of fun. The Hotel Allegra was very fashionably turned out, and located on Randolph St, in the heart of the theatre district. On Wednesday, we had most of the day to walk up and down Michigan Avenue, windowshopping, shoe-gazing, and enjoying the nice day. One thing that makes Chicago so much fun is that there's so much within walking distance, and the public transportation is very accessible.

Yikes! But if one must drive, I suppose there's some consolation...

Heh. I trust this has nothing to do with sympathetic magic.

Our hotel actually had a cocktail reception! In other words, FREE BEER. We had a very nice pale ale from New Hampshire's Stone Mill Brewery.

The next morning, when I got up to go to the hotel's health club, I found that all the treadmills were taken--no doubt those personal TV sets and headphones mounted on each one made them mighty popular. So, feeling a bit lost, I headed outside. While I stood there looking completely baffled about where I was, a hotel employee asked, "Running to the lake?" I answered, "um, yes?" It sounded like a good idea--and he pointed, "That way."

Thanks! This was the niftiest, coolest, most fantastic run I've had since Fort Lauderdale. I'm glad I didn't get a treadmill.

I got to run around the giant bean, and all around Millenium Park, and then I followed some other runner and biker people over to the lake.

Ekim and the Giant Bean: It sounds like a good story...

There are more bean pictures, of course.

After breakfast, we went for a walk in the same area. It was all kinds of fun running around the bean, and then returning to take lots and lots of pictures of it.

And running along the lake was very enjoyable, too. And obviously, the weather was great.

Oh, and then we went to the convention. This was supposed to be a post about the convention. I will do that--tomorrow, I think.

It's gonna be 80 degrees here tomorrow!


TLP said...

Most excellent post and pix. I went over to the travel blog too. I love that site.

Bone said...

Nice pics, Actonbell. Looks like a gorgeous place for a run.

I had to google "the bean" after seeing your pics. It weighs 110 tons! Wow.

My first thought was that it looked like a shiny gigantic bicycle helmet :)

Doug said...

A great post. I really love that city and the Bean is very cool. I was there when they were just finishing it. I'll post some pics under today's post.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I hear good things about Chicago. If I ever go there I will have to rent a boat.

You say "magic collectors" convention? Are you talking about that card game?

Someone convinced me to go to a Star Trek convention once (it was not my idea). It was pretty creepy.

Minka said...

well, once you see a bean, youa re easily distracted. I can´t wait for magic tomorrow though. I love the blue sky, gives me hope for next March to be sunny and warm to see my distorted picture in the bean :)

neva said...

fantastic post/pictures, Actonbell -- i still say that bean looks like a certain "something" that rhymes with Dolores (referring, of course, to the hilarious episode of Seinfeld fondly referred to as "Mulva")

we lived there for 2 years, and not once did we jog along the lake. well, not in that part of the city, that is... glad you got to enjoy pleasant weather up there -- i'm sure it made your run/walk-about a lot more fun and/or doable! xox

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well this is about as good as a convention story. And it isn't even tricky.

Jocelyn said...

How very fun.

If you've ever wondered what my daughter's name is (um, okay, I'll bet you haven't), well, it's the name of that hotel you stayed at.

G said...

Sounds like a great little trip and love your travel blog. You're so organized about all of this. I admire that.