Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hi ho

Lately, at work, it's my task to quality check stuff, mostly jewelry. This is a bit of a trip, sometimes, because some of this stuff is hideous, and by that I mean "really ugly and big and obnoxious, and if you're ordering this, you're either joking OR crazy OR have the MOST unfortunate taste."

To get this task done, it is necessary to first find the quality-checking paperwork for a given item, find the item, and then find the official sample. Getting these three things together is sometimes a time-consuming hassle of a disorganized nature that I would never bore anyone with, so I'll stop right there. The thing I'm writing blogger about is not the how, but the why.

Why am I doing this, when everytime I find a discrepancy between the sample and the product, oh, such as the number of stones on a given ugly ring, and my workleader dutifully sends an email asking The Authority what do about this, the The Authority always rules "send it anyway?" Shhhhh, maybe they won't notice a difference in the color or that it has a different number of stones. Maybe, when someone orders hideous jewelry, it's the thought that counts.

I often wonder who buys this stuff, and why, and it crossed my mind that I could picture Gwen Wright wearing some of it, and maybe she'd pull it off. She's one of the quartet on History Detectives, and she's smart and nice, and I like her. She doesn't always wear visible jewelry, but when she does, it's often something I find--distracting.

Sometimes, when I'm quality checking with another person, we have a little contest over who finds the ugliest ring, necklace, or bracelet. The ring competition is always the hardest to win, because there are so many. However, I came across a bracelet late in the day today that actually gave me the willies. It's hard to explain.

It's possible that the meaning of some of the rings is to imitate all that bling some celebrities wear.

That said, some of this jewelry--not much, but some--is actually pretty, especially the sterling silver and amythest ones.

And this job continues to be drama-free for me, so that's good. The youngest person back here is Tinkerbell, and she is very young, indeed. She's taking my old job, eventually. It will be even quieter back there when she's gone, because the radio won't need to be so loud, no one will be belching loudly for laughs, or running around saying, "Okay, Mr. Peebody, who does THIS song?" Or shouting our workleader's name out from across the room instead of just walking over and speaking to her. Or singing along with the refrain to My Sharona, aaaaaaaayeeeeeeeyaaayaaaaMYSHARONA!!!! If she doesn't know who does THAT song, I ain't tellin' her. Don't you, either.


TLP said...

Oooooh, OOOOOhhhhhh, pick me, pick me! I know, I know: The Knack...or sumtin' like that.

I love your work stories. You should sneak a camera in there and let yo Mama see how ugly this stuff is.

Jocelyn said...

This glimpse inside your work life is so interesting...those moments of interest interspersed with the inevitable boredom...and then interest again.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! Yo mama knows what she be talkin' about FO SHO! I say YouTube it up! WOOH!

*sigh* If only I could SEE the fabulous work stories you so artfully describe but, alas, I cannot... *sob*

He, he, heee! Did it work? Did it? I figured that in the name of GUILT (thinking of Dawgy Doug you see) I might tease away... :-)

Doug said...

I think it's really funny when young people listen to music from our generation. The pet store where I buy my puppycrack has girls working there who look about 18. They're always wearing Def Leppard t-shirts and it seems like RATT is always playing.

I start to make fun and then I remember my The Who t-shirts.

TLP, she said don't tell. That TLP.

If I wore jewelry, I bet it would come from your warehouse.

Round and round!
What comes around goes around!

TLP said...

She said don't tell her. I didn't tell nobody, no how, nothin'. I wrote it.

G said...

Let her figure it out for herself, I'm not telling. But tell us another story in the meantime.

Theresa said...

I would love to see some pictures of that jewlery. Sometimes people will wear the craziest things. Sounds like a difficult job, don't your eyes hurt after checking all the ugly stuff? But hey, if you get to listen to "My Sharona" while you work, then it can't be too bad.

Logophile said...

OK, sadly enough, in the trivia competition I do I missed that question a couple months ago.
It is now burned into my brain forever!
I really am dying to see that jewelry now.
I love History Detectives and I have to agree on the gal's accessory choices, distinctly odd in some cases.

G said...

Logo, that's like when Ralph Cramden missed the question to the song "Swanney River" on the $64,000 question on the Honeymooners!

Minka said...

Huge necklaces and sparkly rings and just the right shade of obnoxious red lipstick...Distracts the hell out of me.
there is some hideous stuff out there!

pia said...

My mother, all five feet 95 pounds of her had the best taste in everything but jewelry.

She was very proud that she wasn't jewelry obsessed as in dollars spent

But her jewelry was big. I don't wear any :)

Marti said...

That is too funny! Hey, I guess we do whatever we have to, to get through the day - LOL

Your method is actually pretty creative - congrats!

So sorry for not visiting. I'm not home much anymore, since I take car of mom-in-law, who has Parkinson's. I sure miss my blog buddies!

I hope you and yours will have a wonderful holiday weekend!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

But at least you got variety, which are the spicers of life.

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVE that you called the jewelry "hideous." I can picture the gawdy stuff now. Clunky, chunky, loud, bulky...... hideous.

I've seen many items in catalogues and thought the same thing, "WHO buys this stuff???"
I guess that's what makes our world so interesting.
I might say "Yuck!" and the next person might say "How much?"
Go figure!

Have a nice holiday weekend.
Buy yourself a nice, huge, turquoise ring with little dangly charms hanging from it. :-)

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have seen people wearing ugly stuff. Big, gaudy, ugly rings and bracelets and stuff.

But then again, HOW many people voted for George Bush? 59 million (in 2004). There is just no accounting for taste!