Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Did you hear?

I heard this story on NPR this morning. Who knew about camel racing, or that small children were being victimized in this way?

Robots will replace jokeys in camel-racing
This is happening in Qatar: an ancestral tradition is going high tech with robots replacing jockeys for the camel races.

The motivation behind it is not enhancing performance, but rather because the supply of jockey is going to dry up, and that's actually a good thing: Most jockeys for camel races are children from India that were bought from poor families or kidnapped.

The local government has banned child-jockeys that's why the races will take place with robots. The titanium robot looks and act very much like a human jockey. (AP story)

Well, that's a relief. And that AP wire reads like a translation, but I don't think it lost anything, though that last sentence is a poser.


Doug said...

I missed that story! Of course, now we should get robot camels.

TLP said...

Whoa. Never heard about this. Is there no end of ways to exploit kids?

G said...

And robot spectators...

Yet another terrible exploitation of children. Makes my blood boil.