Monday, May 14, 2007


Dreaming is free, if you can manage to stay on your feet while doing it. This was the sleepiest day I've ever had at work. It was not an unusually boring day, but it was pretty boring. And it was Monday, and I spent the first four hours as the captive audience of Makettle, who talked about her loser son-in-law for four hours. I can normally entertain myself with stream-of-conscience pleasant thoughts, but Makettle's prattle is far more invasive than any I've ever known, and more maddening, because the subject is always the same alarming situation, and it just won't change, because she and her daughter are not taking action.

NOTE: It is the unfortuante circumstance that Loser and Makettle's poor daughter live right across the street from her.


1. I come home, and there he is, in my house!
Solution: Lock. The. Door. Slip a key to your daughter, for those times she needs to escape. If he still gets in, call the police.

2. He's tryin' to get ahold of Daughter's retirement money to buy that van.
He can't do that, SHE has to request the loan. And she won't.

3. He yells and screams all the time.
Solution: Stop letting him in your house. But, if ever you must, and this occurs, don't respond. If it gets out of control, call the police.

4. He won't speak to his parents, and forbids us to.
Solution: IGNORE HIM. You have the right to talk to whomever you want.

5. He doesn't pay his share when we go out to dinner.
Solution: Don't include him!

6. He won't let his parents see their grandchild, and this is upsetting everybody.
Solution: Visit each other at an undisclosed location. Your daughter has rights too, and she wants to visit his parents.

7. He makes threats.
Solution: Get a restraining order. NOTE: Makettle actually did have him jailed once, for practically choking her. There were black and blue marks on her neck. She admits that she's not sure what he does to her daughter. SECOND NOTE: Makettle had a sister who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend and should know better than to let this go on. Keep sounding the alarm about Loser!

8. The daycare center is threatening not to keep taking their child because of his behavior and language.
Solution: If this doesn't motivate you and your daughter to get help, I don't know what will. It would be a tragedy to have this boy turn out to be another bastard because all his more sane caregivers couldn't rally to end this nightmare.

It's so sad. Makettle has become obsessed with the whole situation, and I can certainly understand why it's the only thing on her mind. What I don't understand is why she and her daughter aren't moving heaven and earth to do something about Loser. And yes, I know Makettle isn't the brightest and she's strange (oh, my, that's a different post), but WHY are they putting up with all this?

All of her coworkers have already responded to her in pretty much the same way. It makes me feel guilty that I hate listening to any more about Loser, but I don't want to hear it UNTIL she comes in and gives us good news, such as a separation and restraining order.

And I'm tired of hearing her say, "As good Christians...." It's time to stop giving him second chances, and if he won't even try to change, then divorce IS a moral option, especially for their poor young son, who sees and hears everything.

There's just no talking to some people. Let me get back to that nice dream....


Logophile said...

Oh man, Actonbell, I can't even imagine. Dreams sound like a spendid alternative to THAT!

Bone said...

Oh my, that is some alarming behavior right there.

I'm working on developing the ability to sleep with my eyes open, so no one at work will know.

Doug said...

Keep dreaming. Leave the codependance at the pallet wrapping machine.

The whole problem with this world is that people with common sense don't raise children.

Cheesemeister said...

Second chance my ass! He's already had more than enough chances. This is terrible and very sad.

Jamie Dawn said...

What WOULD Makettle DO without a crisis????

She'd make one up!

You poor thing. Listening to that woman drone on and on is pure torture. You deserve a raise.

G said...

That's a very scary situation. You are so sage in your advice (given or in your head). The problem, as Jamie Dawn mentioned, is people like makettle just thrive on calamity. Good luck to all. Feel sorry for the child.

Ahem Doug - so just people of uncommon sense raise children - woof!

tsduff said...

Sleepy at work? MUST.... HAVE.....THAT.....SECOND....CUP....of.... COFFEEEEEEEEEE

neva said...

i have to agree with JD and G, some folks can't function without crisis. there are obvious responses -- and appropriate actions, but people like that don't want them. they need to feel drama, in order to feel "alive". the problem is they suck away all your good energy in the process.

honestly? you should absolutely take Doug's advice ~ keep dreaming. smile at Makettle and ask her next time she mentions Loser "in her house/stealing her daughter's money/choking her" how that's working out for her. then smile, shrug your shoulders, and walk away.

or smack her over the head with a hammer, because really, how dumb is she? xox