Wednesday, April 04, 2007

um, Wednesday?

Continuing with the gradual meme gets harder: I can't seem to think of any song titles that describe how I feel this week, because I don't think I even know how I feel this week. However, I do know what's going through my head, and I will share that at the end, if you'd like to listen to it.

I'm still adjusting to the different job, and finding that not only does hot glue not hurt so much when I get it on my fingers, but it's actually pleasant, in a way, and I enjoy peeling it off. I haven't told anyone else that, though. I also think that most of the merchandise in this section of the warehouse is overpriced and mostly ugly, but I haven't told anyone that, either.

Buntop: You wanna hear something gross?
Buntop: My sister hasn't taken a shower since she broke her leg.
Acton: She broke her leg? (I'm supposed to know this? Crap.)
Buntop: (sighs) About a month ago!
Acton: oh
Buntop: anyway,

Oh, then Makettle tends to come over and reinact, as if she were a thespian on a stage, an argument she had with her son-in-law the night before. I'm not kidding about the thespian part. She really gets into this, and I really feel like I'm watching a play. And there has always been a night before. I meant, an argument, the night before. For me, the night before is usually a night like every other one of that particular day of the week*, but it's different, for some people. MsWyeth, Tinkerbell, and MissBianca have all volunteered to go over and construct a pond for Makettle, in the hope that he will get drunk and fall in. I think that this is far-fetched, and a bad idea, anyway. Wait, Makettle has well water.

I don't want no stinking son-in-law in my well!!!

Okay, so that's a bad idea, too. Iams pet food stirred into his meatloaf was another idea. The fact is, this guy is really bad, bad enough to call the cops on, sometimes. I'll let you know if anything incarcerating happens.

* means that maybe that was a confusing sentence. So, here's the run-down:
Sunday: I boil pasta, Ekim makes salad and sauce, we drink wine. Except if we're running low on the wine, we have one glass of wine and one beer.
Monday: we go byob. This is the most flexible night, since we might go--anywhere! AND sometimes, if we go out with other people, it's not even byob!
Tuesday: Ekim makes dinner. Soup, salad, muffins (I wonder if the soup flavors are alphabetized? huh, something new to learn..)
Wednesday: pizza and beer
Thursday: I make dinner. One of several things.
Friday: we go grocery shopping, and usually end up coming home with seafood, bread, and Ekim sautees mushrooms. He's good at that. We drink wine
Saturday: we usually rent two videos and have snacks and beer as "dinner."

Do we lead a structured life? So, that's what I mean when I say that tonight will be a typical Wednesday night.

I'm also trying to reread both The Magus by John Fowler and all the Harry Potter books-well, the last two will be new to me, but I've forgotten too much to go on. I am currently very surprised at how many characters make an appearance, or are at least mentioned, in the very first book. For instance, when Hagrid appears on a motocycle, he mentions that he's borrowing it from Sirius Black. The first time 'round, that name meant absolutely nothing. It's details like that that make these books so much fun.

Okay, enough ramble. This is the song going through my head, with the lyrics. There is no video for this, so we all get to stare at the strange CD cover.

"A Comet Appears"

One hand on this wily comet,
Take a drink just to give me some weight,
Some uber-man I'd make,
I'm barely a vapor

They shone a chlorine light on,
A host of individual sins,
Let's carve my aging face off,
Fetch us a knife,
Start with my eyes,
Down so the lines,
Form a grimacing smile,

Close your eyes to corral a virtue,
Is this fooling anyone else?
Never worked so long and hard,
To cement a failure,

We can blow on our thumbs and posture,
But the lonely is such delicate things,
The wind from a wasp could blow them,
Into the sea,
With stones on their feet,
Lost to the light and the loving we need,

Still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing,

With burnt sage and a forest of bygones,
I click my heels,
Get the devils in line,
A list of things I could lay the blame on,
Might give me a way out,

But with each turn,
It's this front and center,
Like a dart stuck square in your eye,
Every post you can hitch your faith on,
Is a pie in the sky,
Chock full of lies,
A tool we devise,
To make sinking stones fly,

And still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing.


Logophile said...

I love your song. The Shins are wonderful.
I think I like your Wednesday plans too but I want to come over on Friday night.

Doug said...

Well, I for one am reassured and heartened that your new job, while reducing your wages somewhat, hasn't cost me a thing. I laughed all the way through.

I would like to point out that "Actonbell: " was a recurring line in the story I wrote about you. I just knew I was oracular!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Neat song. Kind of sounds Pink Floydish. At least the music part. Not so much the singing. Nifty.

Sounds like you got yourself a job upgrade! I think you mentioned a slight pay cut - but still this sounds like an upgrade.

You get to play with a glue gun. You get to peel glue off your fingers! You have interesting and crazy coworkers to help keep the day from being too boring. You get to harbor secret hate for the ugly cheap crap that is being shipped - a secret dislike that most likely everyone else shares but do not want to admit it.

And so on.

Cheesemeister said...

The psycho son-in-law sounds like he needs to drop off the face of the Earth.
As the old saying goes, why are there more horse's asses than there are horses?

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I love your work stories. When you graduated from college the first time and went to work for the feds and came home with wonderful stories, I begged you to write a book. I still wish you had. That Preston. He was wonderful. Funny and clever and sweet. Oh, and FAT!

Minka said... know one´s mood, one needs to get send a mood ring from the person holding first in this comment section. Now when people ask, I look at the color and say ...Blue: I am lovable and balanced today, thank you! How are you?!

neat, ey???

as to the glue..I agree, I also like hot candle wax and as long as you are not sniffing teh glue, ther eis little to worry about.

wonderful song selection!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Cool song! Thanks so much for sharing it! Wow, is your life organized! Mine reads like scattered tea leaves.

G said...

Love the post/love the song (The Shins have been in my heavy rotation traveling collection - love it). I also love how you can outline so well what each night will bring. There's comfort in that.