Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'd like to report that this is my fifth week in my new work assignment, and one of the new characters in my workday, Bee (I was going to call her Miss Bianca, but that's too much for me to type all the time), just went a whole day, for the first time in this span of time--that I know of, anyway--without mentioning sex. A whole day! Last Friday, MsWyeth, one of my other coworkers, was telling us that her fiancee was phobic about flying, and waaaaaaaaaay before you could say "oops, I did it again," Bee was talking about the "mile high club."

Bee: I don't believe that, when people say they've done it up there, those bathrooms just aren't big enough.

Acton was just about to point out that this was probably just a private plane phenomenon*, when she realized the change in topic, and the fact that Bee had said this just about loud enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear, and not just once. Bee's an evangelical, by the way.

*Well, YOU try spelling that after a couple beers.


Cheesemeister said...

When I worked tech support for AT&T through an outsourcing center (no, it wasn't in India) the conversations were always really smutty and perverted.
Somehow I don't think any of those people were evangelicals, but I could be wrong. One lady, who looked like the sweetest, most innocent creature was actually into swinging! Takes all kinds, I guess.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL. I agree with Bee. The bathrooms on the planes are too small for sex. I think. Maybe the first class ones??? You've been on first class. Are those bathrooms bigger?

Diesel said...

I'm sitting here trying to say "private plane phenomenon" three times fast.

Minka said...

Bee sounds swell :)

don´t let her sting you!

Bone said...

Ah, this reminds me of my time working in the copper mill.

And also of General Hospital the other day, with Jax and Carly. But to support your opinion, theirs was a private plane :)

I like the name Bianca.