Monday, April 02, 2007

state of affairs

It was exactly six months ago today that a man stormed into a tiny Amish school and shot ten girls, killing five of them. Their new school is called The New Hope School, and this time, the entrance is a steel door that locks from the inside, and the building is much closer to neighbors with telephones.

This school replaces the old West Nickel Mines Amish School, which was torn down shortly after the tragic rampage.

State troopers were on hand to supervise their first day back at school. Nothing can seem the same, but there is New Hope.

On the opposite spectrum of the news, there's been much ado over that My Sweet Lord chocolate Jesus exhibit which was in Manhattan--as we've all read or heard, it was has been removed because of an outpouring of angry calls and emails, and there have even been death threats. Artist Cosimo Cavallaro is known for doing quirky things with food, but he's got some Catholics on the warpath, this time.

Personally, I thought the whole thing was a pro-Christian statement about how the most holy Christian holiday has become all about the CHOCOLATE bunnies. Not all of us think about chocolate all the time, but let's face it: chocolate's a big deal at Easter! It's hard to imagine a chocolate-free Easter basket.

So, if this Jesus sculpture had the traditional loincloth, would people still be angry? There have been lots of crude jokes about eating...chocolate, in regards to this sculpture, but there is absolutely no evidence that the artist has given anyone permission to do that!

Good grief. I bet the Amish don't make Easter a cavity-prone religious holiday.


Tan Lucy Pez said...

Yeah, I think the chocolate Jesus brouhaha is a hoot. (BTW, I do love to use that word. Thanks for the opportunity.)

I've seen chocolate crosses and chocolate Jesus heads for Easter. So I guess people are upset that Jesus had genitles. He did die naked on the cross after all.

Doug said...

I haven't heard a word about the chocolate Jesus but you all know how I feel about piety being the devil's geiger counter.

Speaking of which, Rev. Lynn's book came yesterday. Just as soon as I need cheering up, I aim to start it.

Diesel said...

I figure after you've been crucified, having your likeness rendered in chocolate probably doesn't bother you much.

Balou said...

I'd eat a chocolate Jesus - loincloth or sans loincloth.

Much ado about nothing.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think the problem was that the artist used dark chocolate to make the Jesus. If the artist used white chocolate then it would have been better.

Cause you know what the "official" picture of Jesus looks like. A white dude with straight hair and blue eyes and stuff. Not at all like someone born in the middle east 2,000 years ago would have looked like.

People look too hard for reasons to be offended.

AP3 said...

I'm with Doug on piety... A sense of humor is a good thing... Christian, even.

Logophile said...

I totally missed this adventure asnine fixations.
Good grief.
Makes me want to buy some