Saturday, April 28, 2007

So Boring

For at least three weeks, I've been threatening to get out the garbage bags and start throwing stuff away. I've never been a packrat before, but laziness can sure have the same effect.

However, this morning, I came across several old journals--remember those paper books some of us used to write in before there were blogs? This was a disturbing blast from the past because these journals reminded me that I've been whinging about the same old issues for more than a decade. Good grief. I threw them away. I also found an old pair of shoes that'd been in the basement for such a long time that they'd developed their own--culture. So, that's a start...

One thing I whinge about now that I didn't ten years ago, of course, is my cat. My rug-peeing, poohing-outside-the-box, finicky cat. Sometimes, however, she does chow down, and when she does, it's always the same:
1. Gulp down lots of food in a hurry
2. Go for a run
3. vomit

And does she stop to vomit in one location? Noooooooooo. Serena vomits upstairs, Serena vomits ON the stairs, and then Serena vomits downstairs.

And guess what? Ekim and I are leaving Wednesday to visit Chicago, mostly for the purpose of attending this year's Magic Collector's Convention. I've blogged about that before, too.

TLP's watching the cat. Well, Serena hardly ever vomits, she only pees on the rug for MY entertainment, and if there's newspaper around her litterbox, it makes life pretty easy.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


TLP said...

Well, don't you worry 'bout a thing honey. The grandcat and I get along just fine. ('cause there's no peeing-on-runs in my house.)

Doug said...

It's always good to get a fresh start on complaining about the same old things. I think you've blogged twice about the magic convention and I really enjoyed both posts. So have fun in Chicago and yipee for us your audience!

Cheesemeister said...

I'm a terrible pack rat and I need to do something about month.
I have a nearly 15 year old cat with almost no teeth. If I ever move out of here I will have to replace all the carpet.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have a pissing cat too. Sake, the Balinese looking cat. She hates to share the box, and if it is not scooped on a very regular basis she pees somewhere. Usually on something I own. Or on the towel I leave on the bathroom floor so I do not get out of the shower and track water everywhere.

And one of the 4 cats has a horking problem. I suspect Sake because she has the longest hair. But Fat Fred seems to shed the most. Anyway, it is ALWAYS placed in a location where I step in it in the middle of the night. It is all cold and wet and squishy and gross.

Stupid cats.

pia said...

t's always good to get a fresh start on complaining about the same old things.

I have never actually copied a comment before but you're so funny, your mother is such a mother in the best senses, and Doug has really sharpened those commenting claws. Or whatever dawgs have

Can't wait to hear about the magic convention

Have a wonderful time. Your audience awaits but I refuse to say "yipee."

Minka said...

yeah...complaints 10 years old can be discarded, it is not like there aren´t plenty new ones to chose from :)
Have fun in Chicago and don´t get lost in a hat!

Doug said...

Minka, you reminded me of "Oedipus Wrecks" a third of the movie "New York Stories." That might be my favorite Woody Allen anything.

Bone said...

Aww, I'm sad to hear you threw away your journals. I assume you read a few entries before you trashed them :)

I have a problem throwing things away. Just can't let go.

Have a good trip!

Logophile said...

Up to this point in our lives we've moved a minimum of every three years.
I can see things getting packratty now that we are settled for what may be a good long time.
Have fun!
Serena, behave yourself!

MisstressM said...

Cats have an odd personality of their own. Stubborn…but yet extremely lovable. My cat just steals my underwear and tares the lace into shreds.

neva said...

i can't believe you tossed out those journals -- i still have one i wrote when i was 12! yikes!

maybe you'll pick up a good trick for helping your cat toss his kibbles and/or bits into a hat. or for making the mess disappear so you don't have to clean it up! ; )

whatever, i have no doubt Serena will be in good hands while you're gone. have a GREAT time, and tell us all about it, when you get back! xox

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I am already feeling sorry for TLP. Isn't there somebody you don't like who could do this for you?

G said...

Complaints are like leaves on a plant - the old ones dry up and fall off so the new ones can grow.

Have fun at the magic convention - don't let anybody lore you into one of those saw-you-in-half boxes.

Doug said...

Rabbit Rabbit and hoppy trails!

tsduff said...

What on earth is it about cats, always having to throw up about something? Man alive - that is why I don't deal much with them. Did you know that birds don't throw up?

You are early Doug - really. Rabbit Rabbit anyway :-D

Oh, and I freaked out recently about my own journals... what if I die and then everyone will actually read them? I have them from when I was 17.... much too much information to get spread about. Time for a good bon fire.

Tom & Icy said...

You'll have to think outside the box to get that cat to stop peeing outside the box