Saturday, April 14, 2007

It will probably be a late night

Well, how 'bout this? I'm awake! How did that happen? A bit of a jolt, after being half-or fully asleep, all afternoon. I was trying to get some reading done, but Serena the very warm cat was sleeping on me and making it look like such a gooooood idea.

I was up early this morning so that I could be, basically, a volunteer parking lot attendant at a place where some protesters hang out to yell at us for being there, and for years, I knew exactly what to expect, and I just hoped I got to have some fun conversations with people who are nothing like the people I work with (I crave that). However, the situation at this particular place where protesters hang out to yell at us for being there (which I'll call location Y) has gotten more dicey, due to a strinking parking space problem and an increasing population needing those (fewer) spaces. And the fact that hardly anyone drives a small car anymore.

The shrinking space problem is largely due to the fact that one of the neighbors has suddenly decided that people who wish to visit location Y may no longer use their lot on Saturdays. I have no idea what's up with this, but it's certainly their right. In addition, the establishment on the other side has decided not to take sides by having no policy at all, which means that anyone can park or stand in their lot. The result of both of these developments is that there are fewer spaces for location Y visiters to park and the protesters can get really really close to them. And when location Y visiters are not in the parking lot, the protesters now can almost surround us (the volunteers) and waste their breath on us, and this can take all the fun out of living for a couple hours of our lives.

Blah, blah reprobate blah blah burn in hell blah blah you should know better, grandma blah blah you're just like Hitler blah blah

I can tune them out and talk, but the others haven't had my level of training (my job, remember), so this yelling really close to us is cutting into the social hour.
Then, I went running along the riverfront! After spending three hours this morning watching OTHER people enjoy this nice running weather, I certainly took the opportunity, while I was there, to run in the best place for it in this area.

Standing outside + running + warm cat + reading=afternoon nap

And Ekim just left for his week-long adventure in Brazil. So, I'll be up all night because I won't have a wiser soul around to tell me that I really should try to go to bed.

And no, I wasn't the reader over at Doug's, but I'm mightly flattered that a couple people guessed it was I. If I ever read, it will be obvious, because I sound sleepy all the time, or so people tell me, even when I'm wide awake.

And man, I am so glad the snowy weather forecast has changed! I wasn't looking forward to operating that huge snow-thrower Ekim brought home a few years back. It's supposed to be my insurance against snow, after all.


Tan Lucy Pez said...

Sorry about the protesters, but thanks so much for being a good person and escorting the people who need the services at location "Y".

I wish the place could relocate so that there was a space buffer.

It's nice to be lone sometimes isn't it?

Doug said...

If location Y is where I think it is, what happened to the red tape over the protesters mouths? I like that idea.

tsduff said...

It isn't all bad to be alone and on your own for just a little bit. I know when my sweetie leaves, I miss him awfully, but there is some coolness too about being able to do whatever, whenever :-D

actonbell said...

That's true, Terry!
Doug,these people love their own voices way too much to ever gag themselves--symbolism isn't one of the tools in their bag.

Me too, Mom. There should be a secret passage:)

G said...

You're an amazing person, Actonbell. I don't know that I'd have your levelheaded ability to tune out. Then again, I also have some training...but seriously, I'm sure the visitors to location Y appreciate you immensely.

actonbell said...

Thanks, G :) I really does pay to have attention problems, sometimes!

Logophile said...

blah blah blah reprobate sounds like SOOOOO much fun...NOT!
Ah well, what can you do.
I stay up late when Mr Logo is away too.

The Lazy Iguana said...

So they have weekly protests? What are they protesting? You would think that after some time they would run out of things to bitch about.