Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can I multi-task? I don't know...

The next part of this meme thingie I stole from LOGO is to list some things I'd be doing on a perfect day. Hmmm, the challenge is, to write this using today's three words: miles, voice, and holding.

Okay. I know that Bone will make up a fantastic fictional story using these three words, but I don't do fiction. It's just not one of my talents, I guess. Call it a basic lack of imagination, which is really going to get in my way while trying to answer the first assignment, that perfect day.

A perfect day would have to start with me running five miles, so that I could feel good and virtuous the rest of the day. Of course, the weather would have to be perfect, too: my morning run would have to be sunny and mild. Oh, and I'd like to be running somewhere near the ocean, on a nice trail, like I did when I visited Aral in Newport, RI. That was just perfect. After my run, however, the temperature would need to get up into the 80's. I love warm weather. Ekim and I would have a quiet breakfast in a fenced-in patio, where the ocean is close enough to sound like a soft, humming voice. I'd have scrambled eggs, toast, maybe some bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Then, I'd lounge around in a hammock on the beach and read until lunch. After lunch, I'd definitely be holding a beer, because a slight buzz on a beautiful afternoon is a luxurious thing. After a nap, I would go shoe-shopping. Then, I'd wear a new, snazzy pair of sandles when we went out for sushi. Oh! And there'd have to be something theatrical--let's go see a play after dinner! Perfect.

Okay, YOUR turn.


Doug said...

Our turn?

OK, on a perfect day I would walk miles through the desert holding a rattlesnake and hearing voices.

Tom & Icy said...

For me, that perfect day is a bone in my mouth, Master's voice in my ears, and miles of weeds against my nose.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I can't think! I can't think!

Oh! I know....Perfect would be if somebody made me some deviled eggs.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Tomorrow will be one of those perfect days for me: I'll spend it taking the grandtwins shopping at Park City, which as you know is about 37 miles away. I'll listen to their sweet voices telling me all that's been happening at school, and about the party that they're going to on Saturday night. We'll be shopping 'til we drop, and I'll be the one holding the bags while they run from rack to rack.

Perfect. I love having granddaughters!

Speaking of shoes, and we were, weren't we? I bought two pairs yesterday. Big sale at the Bon-ton. Fun.

Jocelyn said...

My perfect day, too, involves a run of at least five some good yoga. And your idea of an afternoon buzz wouldn't go amiss. To tell you true, a perfect day for me can't be planned, as I delight most in unexptected meetings and events--in the unscripted.

pia said...

My perfect day--walking in the hottest weather possible in sand--where waves come crashing onto me

I can do this for eight or more hours

Then I need friends, drinks and seafood

Shopping never enters into a perfect day unless it's a book store or uh shoe store

My perfect day would also entail time to read one really good mystery, or two...

Bone said...

Thanks for the mention, Actonbell :)

I didn't realize you ran until a few days ago.