Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rabbit, rabbit!

Good luck in March, everyone!! The March Hare is here. In honor of this, I offer you beautiful music.

This is the first time in quite awhile that a CD (or album) has me so incredibly mezmerized. I love this song, and all of them, on The Shins's Wincing the Night Away.

IF you have the time, this is the audio, and if you even want to sing along, the lyrics follow. Unfortunately, there's a certain movie's dialogue happening in the background. I apologize, it's the only recording I could find.

"Red Rabbits"

Hurled to the center of the Earth again,
The place where it's hot, love,
You know, it hurts to breathe in,
And the watershed you balance on is begging it,
Well did he ever know,
Will he ever know?

The trees in the moonshine are a dark lattice,
So you catalog in the angle you notice,
In a vacuum you recharge to record this,
So you won't make it easy on me.

And I can't go into this no more,
It puts too many thorns on my mind,
And the necessary balloon lies a corpse on the floor,
We've pissed on far too many sprites,
And they're all standing up for their rights.

Born on a desert floor, you've the deepest thirst,
And you came to my sweet shore to indulge it,
With the wan and dreaming eyes of an orphan,
But there is not enough,
There is not enough.

Out of a gunnysack for red rabbits,
Into the crucible to be rendered an emulsion,
And we can't allow a chance they'd restore themselves,
So we can't make it easy on you.

Undaunted, you bathed in hollow cries,
The boils were swollen, sunburned eyes,
A reward for letting nothing under their skin,
So help me, I don't know, I might,
Just give the old dark side a try.

Don't cast your warring eyes on the shore,
Did we even the score?
I still owe you for the hole in the floor,
And the ghost in the hall,
Who decides who paddles over the falls?
Yeah, who makes the call,
Who makes the call?

Well, I know there's an eventual
Release from every scale of crime,
But the necessary balloon lies a corpse on the floor,
We've pissed on far too many good intentions held by clever sprites,
And they're all standing up for their rights.

**and I WILL finally put up a book post this weekend.


TLP said...

I like that song! It is too bad about the talking, but hey, whatcha gonna do?

Rabbit rabbit.

AP3 said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Minka said...

Saw that film and loved it. Didn´t notice this song before though. I like it, the text ain´t bad either :)

G said...

I also loved that film Minka.

I so agree on this cd Actonbell, it has me mezmerized and sits in the player in my car. Tali loves it also.