Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not too many coins in this fountain...

Fountains of Wayne, a band with a very nice sound, put out this two-CD collection, called Out-of-State Plates.

I'd like to complain a little about it, and then state what I like, in case someone is inclined to download any of the songs.

First, let me complain about the fact that there is a short interview at the beginning of each CD. That means that I cannot plop these CDs into my discplayer and hit "shuffle" before dinner, because I do not want to be suddenly listening to some interview. These interviews should have been saved for their website.

Second, there are not enough interesting songs to warrant two CDs. More editing was needed.

Third, their version of Baby, One More Time was no where near as good as Bowling for Soup's. I appreciate the fact that the guys in the band knew a good song when they heard it (despite Britney) but--this version is boring.

That said, these are the stand-out songs, culled from Out-of-State Plates

California Sex Lawyer
Baby I've Changed
The Girl I Can't Forget
Today's Teardrops (I'm probably weird for picking that one)
and they do a good cover of Can't Get it Out of My Head

It's possible that more than this will grow on me, but overall, I was disappointed. They have a great sound, and I'm surprised that they put out so many lifeless songs.


Anonymous said...

they're b-sides, what do you expect?

actonbell said...

I obviously didn't get the memo. Why do this?

Doug said...

Now that's a useful review. A little good, a little bad.


G said...

Precisely Actonbell - then why do this. I echo Doug in that this is a useful review. You know, I've only heard a song or two from Fountains of Wayne but have enjoyed them. Will have to explore a bit more.