Tuesday, March 27, 2007

living on a prayer?

First, let me clarify my clumsy writing of yesterday: I was connecting Buntop's endless bargainfests with the fact that her house is a cluttered wreck: she's got too much stuff.

This morning, as I was struggling to assemble my hot-glue-roller-pot-thing, our workleader rushed up and said, "Good news! We don't have to use those [hot-glue-roller-pot-things] anymore--we can use the glue guns for everything."

Management's Decree Leads to Much Rejoicing

Buntop: Yay! My prayers have been answered!
Acton: You prayed? (About the--glue?)
Buntop: Oh, yeah. I also prayed for a new car.

I couldn't get Janis Joplin out of my head all day, because then Buntop was sent to another area to work, and then it was really quiet. Except for Janis Joplin, that is.


The Lazy Iguana said...

What the hell is a glue gun roller pot thing? And what were you using it for?

When my mom had her flower shop there was a glue put thing, but it used "pillows" of glue not sticks. It was needed to glue the blocks of foam to the plastic basket liners. You would dip the foam into the glue then stick it into the liners. The pot got scary funky in short order. There would be dried glue EVERYWHERE. At first it was just sitting on a piece of wood - but after a few days of use it was glued to the wood forever. The temperature control thing even got glued in place - you could only control it by plugging it in or unplugging it.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Your post yesterday was perfectly clear honey.

I love buntop already. She's wonderful. I'm going to join her and Janis and pray for a Mercedes Benz. The Benz will be for Buntop. (I'm happy in my Honda hybrid.) Will I need to pray for cheap gas for her, ya think?

Doug said...

Oh, Lord, won't you buy me a universal glue gun
These glue pots mess my jeans and stick in my bun
The Holy Stigmata adhered to your son
So Lord, won't you buy me a universal glue gun

And I caught your meaning yesterday too.

Logophile said...

omg, Doug is killing me here, KILLING ME!
The stories continue, hallelujah, our prayers have been answered.

neva said...

Doug stole my cheesy "Janis Joplin" rip-off (damn you, anyway, Doug!)

i'm with your mom (well, not with your mom, but in complete agreement -- maybe "with" her at some point in the future, with any luck and/or next visit with penguins)... where was i? oh yeah, i thought your post made perfect sense. maybe Buntop can take home a pot or two of glue in order to tidy up her house? (i'm thinking there's all kinds of space on her ceiling...)

congrats on your new work "toy". praise Jeebus and pass the glue! xox