Monday, March 26, 2007

Another day,another dollar

This is the start of my second week at the new job, and everything's going just swell; it's basically quiet and stress-free back there, and no one's trying to bother me. This is something that's hard to find, and I'm extremely grateful for it.

So, today I packed up orders, alongside Buntop, who talked the entire time. I have a hard time following all the stories she tells me about her life and family, and must admit that I have stopped trying. There's not going to be a quiz.

I do, however, remember what she had for breakfast this morning.
Acton: Little Debbie Coconut--what? Breakfast of champions!
Buntop: Well, I couldn't find no poptarts
Acton: Maybe someone beat you to them.
Buntop: No, I just can't find'em. My house is a wreck.

(I don't usually contribute this much to the conversation, but I was feeling energetic this morning.)

A lengthy description of just how much of a wreck her house is followed. Then, I heard about all of her shopping trips, and what a thrill it was to find packs of socks for just a dollar at the Dollar General, and a new babystroller for half price, which she admitted that she didn't absolutely need, and--I began to see how these first two topics tied in with each other.

I just wanted y'all to know that my life is still really exciting.

Though--ONE dollar for a pack of socks? That does sound good. I'll be back.


Tan Lucy Pez said...

I love it! But don't --DON'T -- leave me hangin' here! How do the $l "pack of socks" and a new-but-not-really-needed baby stroller fit in together????

She must think she's died and gone to heaven getting someone like you to work with: You listen without much back chatter. One of your many strong points.

Cheesemeister said...

You don't even want to hear how much of a wreck my house is. That's a novel in itself!

Tom & Icy said...

They probably have plenty of money and Buntop works only to get out of the house and housework, and buys cheap socks instead of having to do the laundry, and got a cheap stroller in case she has a baby someday. She's probably as bored with her life and boring husband as she is boring to you. Anna Karinina (by Tolstoy) ended up throwing herself in front of a train because she got herself into such a tangled web trying to get away from her boring life and husband. Upcoming chapters of "Buntop Lets Her Hair Down" will reveal her secret desires and then her affairs, revealing that "house is a wreck" is a metaphor for "life is a wreck"!!!

Doug said...

Thanks heavens, the madness followed you. Do you know if there's even a baby?

Pia Savage said...

You can find humor in the most mundane, maddening of exchanges

We have dollar shops, but you have to be willing to swallow a lot of dust--and most are closing

G said...

Glad there's still fodder for your blog in yor new position. I do so love your work stories.

And pfew, I was wondering what those Coconut whatevers were doing on your blog! It all makes sense now.

Bone said...

Can't find the pop tarts? That's, um, definitely interesting. That's almost as bad as saying, "I can't find the gallon of milk."

AP3 said...

Yes, like Doug said... I'm glad you'll still have crazy stories to tell -- almost as glad as I am that the new job is so much more pleasant!

The Lazy Iguana said...

I can get packs of Government socks for three or four bucks. They are really nice socks.

Drawback - they are all black.

I am posting this on my laptop computer because I have not been able to find my desktop computer for several months now. I think it may be buried under the pile of dirty government socks that I am not going to wash because we are under water restriction.

Logophile said...

Pick some up for me if you go get socks, eh? The Things go through them at an unbelievable rate.
I tend to throw them out if they come through the laundry all holey then we discover they are desperately short of socks when its time to go somewhere and we are running late.
It's not a great system but it seems to work for us.

neva said...

call me when you find out where to buy a box of Little Debbie's for $1.

laughing... this was hilarious! xox