Sunday, March 18, 2007

007, rebooted

Casino Royale is definitely my favorite James Bond movie. I haven't even come close to seeing them all, but I don't need to--sometimes these decisions are just no-brainers.

This movie starts off with the most exciting and intriguing chase scene I've ever seen, probably because it's on foot, and the two characters are performing feats that kept causing me to exclaim, "No WAY!" Even if one could leap with that kind of precision and from that kind of distance or height, one would stand up moaning, if at all, but certainly not running!

This James Bond is a departure from what I'd expected. Daniel Craig's version of Bond is hard, mean, and scary, especially at first. One of the fascinating features of Craig's Bond is a complexity that slowly emerges during the film, a Bond that is presented at first as a freak, but slowly morphs into a human being. And okay, a sexy one, too.

Casino Royale has an interesting and curvy plot, as well as excellent pacing and direction. All the actors were superb. Eva Green and Daniel Craig created extremely layered characters that are worth all the acclaim they've gotten.

Casino Royale is based on the 1953 novel Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, and was directed by Martin Campbell


Daniel Craig ... James Bond
Eva Green ... Vesper Lynd
Mads Mikkelsen ... Le Chiffre
Judi Dench ... M
Jeffrey Wright ... Felix Leiter
Giancarlo Giannini ... Mathis
Caterina Murino ... Solange
Simon Abkarian ... Alex Dimitrios


voyageur said...

" and the two characters are performing feats that kept causing me to exclaim, "No WAY!"

That was really my main problem. You don't jump down 3 stories and land on your feet without busted ankles.

If there is any precedent, it is found in Mario Bros games. I expected Bond to angrily ask when he finally caught up with the bad guy: "So where is Princess Peach?"

actonbell said...

Mario Bros! That's funny.

TLP said...

I have never, ah say proudly, never, seen a James Bond movie. But I liked Craig in Layer Cake, which I recommend BTW.

Leo said...

Aw, come on! Since when is James Bond realistic? Not even the great Connery had realistic stunts. No need to even mention Roger Moore's incarnation.

I saw them all up to Pierce Brosnan. I almost rented Casino Royale from Blockbuster but didn't. But based on this glowing recommendation, I just might

actonbell said...

I DID see Layer Cake, and agree, TLP!

Hi, Leo! I hope you like it.

Doug said...

I don't think I've seen a James Bond movie since Roger Moore's last. I'll give it serious thought :)

Minka said...

I have not seen a James Bond movie from beginning to end. Just snippets here and there!
Thsi one I went to cinema for. Don´t know what possesed me, but I did and I just loved it. Am I considering seeing another James Bond movie? Nope! Although Sean Connery is all kinds of sexy!

as to the beginning scene:there is an art movement in Ppris and quite a few other places in Europe where this jumping from buildings and cranes and whatnot is exercised. They really do it, and tehy do it fast and when the fall, tehy just try again. It is very impressive and I have seen it in real life. A bit of a Spiderman disease, but very impressive!

somewherejoe said...

Loved it. This is what Hollywood does best... thrilling, blatant, twisty. Took me away.