Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Week That Was

My crappy job has taken enough space here, though not as much, recently. That's because I'd decided to accept the insanity of the place, take it in stride, take the money, and enjoy my vacations.

HOWEVER, there is one aspect I still need to learn how to tune out, and that's the way we're evaluated. Since it happens only once a year, and I never know exactly when they'll be coming for me, it's hard to remember to sit there and zone out while they make their insane comments.

You see, everyone gets a middle-of-the-road evaluation, anyway. Once in awhile, we get a wage increase of a few cents. So, the comments don't matter, and are only there to disturb and annoy us.

Under the category team work, my supervisor wrote, "Actonbell is a quiet worker, and prefers to work by herself." What does that mean? Is that a bad thing? Does it tell anyone anything about how I work in a team? Do we need more chiefs? Am I letting them down? Whatever. I was given the middle-of-the-road rating.

If I haven't bored everyone with this enough, let me say, I've been rather harrassed at work. Do I prefer to work alone? You betcha! I never actually told anyone that, but management sees me eating my lunch alone and I think that's how they came to that conclusion.

Team work is the one category I would personally give myself high marks for, since I work with a couple of the most insane and moody people on this planet, and I have not blown a gasket. Both of these people have blown gaskets, had fits, and generally been unreasonable. I try to go with the flow, and when you're working with people like this, that's all you can do: shut up and breathe.

Actually, the team work comment wasn't the most puzzling one. No, that would be the comments about my accuracy. Huh? We don't even have quality checks. When I asked about this, Workleader (he's the one who read this off to me) said, "Well, that's what's come down." Huh? "There have been reports." What reports? This lead to a circular conversation, in which I was not going to learn what I'd done wrong, or what report he was talking about. I've heard Workleader use that "There have been reports" phrase before, and it always ticks people off. I heard him use that phrase on Whatnot, and that time I just happened to know that it meant, "someone just came in and complained about you." In other words, it's petty, badmouthing, bullshit. Nothing to worry about.

I've called off exactly twice in eight years, and that last time was a good four years ago. As my evaluation stated, I show up and generally do whatever work I'm told to do. You'd think they could make me feel at least okay about working there. Of course, I'm not alone--most of the company feels exactly the same way. That's the one thing we actually have in common.

Honestly, I'd much rather work with a Satinlady or a Rasputin.

Oh! I haven't said anything about Rasputin. Our company cooperates with a group that employs people who are mentally handicapped. Most of these people have some kind of intellectual handicap, but Rasputin is a different case. He hears voices, poor guy. Sometimes he actually needs to cover his ears to calm himself. And he has certain phrases that he says to each and every one of us. He almost makes me feel special.

Actonbell: Good morning, Rasputin!
Rasputin: Good morning! And don't forget!
Actonbell: I won't forget!
Rasputin: Women RULE! They RULE!

This is actually shorthand for the speech he used to give everytime he saw a woman driving around him. "Women dominate. They dominate the forklift operations in this facility, and if those male chauvinist pigs don't like it, they can just lump it."

In the beginning, I noticed that he'd drop whatever he was doing when I drove in his vacinity. Rasputin would just stand there, hands on hips, watching me. It was hilariously endearing.

Whatnot sometimes wears a jersey with a certain college football's logo, and Rasputin always comments, "That's a good Christian university." And then he rattles off a long list of everyone in the same conference, or something. It's impressive, how he can list so many things like that.

We never work with this group, though. They're a small section to themselves, and work a shorter day.

And then Golfguy, who can be as moody as anyone, blows my mind and gets nice. He's had a nice-streak that's lasted at least several weeks! I mean, he's been really friendly, and says he's 'turning a leaf.' He brought me a Troeg's beer to sample yesterday! Geez, I almost forget how to act.


Ekim got a nice promotion yesterday! Yay for Ekim! And now he needs the computer to do the taxes.

So, that's my dispatch, for now. I'll play catch-up tomorrow.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! I am.


Doug said...

Enjoy your weekend. I'll skip the temptation to diagnose Rasputin, but I think I can help with the evaluation.

"Actonbell is a quiet worker, and prefers to work by herself." means "Does not flirt with supervisors."

"Is sometimes inaccurate" means "sometimes handles 11 or more items while I'm wearing shoes."

"Is dependable" means "I've haven't read Kafka."

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Yea for Ekim!

You are so much fun to read. See ya tonight.

actonbell said...

Kafka. Heh. Does feel like a trial, sometimes:)

mireille said...

I'd take your teamwork evaluation any day. Makes you look like a saint. xoxo

G said...

They just don't know what to make of someone with your intellectual capabilities. Great post.