Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ultimate Wednesday

This is not an important post, not that any of them are, except to point out that this is the very last day of February, and in case you didn't get the memo, you're supposed to say "rabbit, rabbit," tomorrow morning, as soon as you wake up, so that you will have good luck in the new month.

Since Wednesday is also commonly referred to as "hump day," it seems appropriate to spotlight a frequently asked question:

Q. How quickly can rabbits reproduce?

A. Under ideal conditions, one pair of rabbits in a protected compound increased to 184 in 18 months, but this is exceptional. Under good conditions in the wild, an adult female can produce up to 40 young a year although the rate across Australia varies between 15 and 40 and depends on the length of the breeding season. Few rabbits survive past their first year, with only between 1 and 10% surviving more than a year. Females can breed at 3 months but do not reach full reproductive

Gadzooks, that's a lot of rabbits! Oh, wait, wait, that reminds me. (Can you just hear my dry lips cracking up into a big smile?) I just got my car inspected, and it only cost me $55.00!! I'm sporting 2008 inspection stickers on my tiny little windshield, and I didn't have to pay a lot for it, like I usually do. Oh, sure, these guys tried to scare me into getting this and that done, but I wasn't having it. Not this year!

No, I don't have a rabbit, not the car or the pet. And that reminds me that Wednesday is also our Pizza Night, and that's not rabbit food.

Happy Wednesday, hump day, and Very Last February Day!

**yes, it's up early. I have to finish this book, you see...


Logophile said...

I'm practicing for the morning,
Horny rabbit, horny rabbit!
Did I get that right?
Hope so, whatcha reading?

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL. I love it when you're all over the place. Whatcha drinkin'?

The Lazy Iguana said...

I hope it is a fine IPA. A fine IPA rules.

Anyway, speaking of wabbits, there was a wabbit problem at the Miami Airport. It seems that a shipment of rabbits got loose from a cargo building and escaped into the green areas between runways. Having no natural predators and them being rabbits, you can guess what happened.

The problem was with the buzzards. They would swoop in to eat the dead rabbits. There were a few instances of buzzard / airplane collisions. The rabbits were totally unafraid of the planes, and would sometimes get smooshed on the runway. So there would be buzzards on active runways and in the airspace.

So the rabbits had to go. Some rabbit rescue place paid for a trapper, who then took the bunnies off to someplace in Texas where they were supposedly NOT going to be killed.

Balou said...

Wabbit, wabbit! Fun stuff Logo!
Hmm, Texas and rabbit sympathisers...something doesn't sound right to me.

tsduff said...

Very funny post! I loved it - and I think you are sly posting early but it's always nice to remind folks in advance :-D

Doug said...

Happy pizza!

Marti said...

I am DELIGHTED to see February end! LOL Rabbit pizza humps right back atcha - LOL

Still recovering from death and illness here. I have a day home so I am trying to say hello to my Internet friends! Hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful day!